IMS Chat: Why Modern Care Teams Need a HIPAA-Compliant Messaging App

    In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, coordination between care teams has never been more crucial. With so much riding on every decision you make, you must ensure that you and your fellow providers are constantly on the same page.

    Unfortunately, with cyberattacks on the rise, commercially available messaging platforms are no longer viable options. To maintain smooth communication within your healthcare organization without compromising security and data privacy, you need a HIPAA-compliant messaging app like IMS Chat.

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    What Is IMS Chat?


    IMS Chat is a secure instant messaging service built from the ground up for provider-to-provider communication and patient information exchange.

    Even though it’s an independent desktop application, IMS Chat is fully integrated into Meditab’s flagship electronic health record (EHR) platform, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS). This integration simplifies patient data sharing and enables you to coordinate care in a timely, more efficient manner.

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    If you’re still exchanging paper notes with other providers in your practice or using a third-party messaging service, you are due for a much-needed upgrade. Manual patient data sharing leads to delayed care, frustrated staff, and dissatisfied patients, while third-party apps put your patients’ data at risk.

    Here are the top reasons modern practices need a HIPAA-compliant messaging app like IMS Chat to thrive in a highly digitized healthcare landscape:

    Efficient Communication

    A female doctor smiling while using a HIPAA-compliant messaging app on her computer.

    The primary benefit of having an EHR-integrated messaging solution is that it offers efficient communication and enhanced security. Unlike third-party messaging apps, solutions like IMS Chat are HIPAA-compliant right off the bat.

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    It allows providers to securely communicate with other care team members and share patient information in real time and at the point of care, accelerating information exchange and reducing communication errors. With IMS Chat, you can attach patient details and share images, drug documentation, and ICD information, expediting your care coordination process immensely.

    Improved Care Coordination

    Four healthcare workers huddling and putting their hands together, signifying strong provider-to-provider communication.

    Effective communication between care team members is crucial for providing high-quality patient care, and a HIPAA-compliant messaging app helps with that. It streamlines your communication process while boosting data privacy and security.

    The ability to easily discuss patient care plans, medication changes, and other critical information with other providers and staff members across your clinic allows you to make better clinical decisions, leading to better patient outcomes, reducing readmissions, and improving the overall patient and staff experience.

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    Enhanced Security

    A close up image of a person typing with superimposed cybersecurity icons representing HIPAA-compliant messaging apps.

    One of the primary concerns in healthcare is cybersecurity. HIPAA-compliant messaging solutions provide a secure platform for sharing patient information without violating HIPAA regulations or compromising patient data privacy.

    However, strict security protocols often mean a cumbersome login process and a clunky user interface (UI). But with IMS Chat, you can enjoy next-level security and convenient usability.

    Because IMS Chat is an independent desktop app, you can log in using only your Meditab ID or IMS credentials and chat with your team even if you’re not logged in to IMS. With a modern UI and seamless EHR integration, IMS Chat revolutionizes how you communicate with your team.

    Boost Team Camaraderie

    Five doctors gathered in a circle talking to each other showing strong provider-to-provider communication.

    It’s hard to deny how instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp made connecting with friends and family much more effortless. HIPAA-compliant team messaging platforms like IMS Chat are no different.

    While its primary function is to improve care coordination and promote safer provider-to-provider communication, IMS Chat is also a safe space where you and your team can exchange personal messages, and even playful banter. You can create chat groups and share multimedia files like images, videos, and voice messages to build stronger relationships with your colleagues.

    Your Team Is Just a Chat Away With IMS Chat

    A male and female doctor typing on their laptops while chatting with each other on IMS Chat.

    An EHR-integrated, HIPAA-compliant messaging app like IMS Chat benefits your practice beyond improved communication. It streamlines overall workflows, ensures positive patient outcomes, improves security and data privacy, and boosts teamwork.

    In today’s digital age, practices need to adopt modern technology solutions that can help them deliver high-quality care and meet patient expectations—IMS Chat is a leap in that direction.

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