What is IMS & How Can It Help Healthcare Practices?

    Before the 1980s, you’d rarely see a computer used in private practice, let alone use it for storing medical data. Today, clinics and hospitals depend on computers for looking up records and tablets to check in a patient. Patients throw an incredulous look after finding out their provider doesn’t offer online booking or a mobile app. It’s easy to think that EHRs are just a substitute for paper records, but it has evolved into so much more. Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), for example, not only allows you to document a patient visit but also integrates all areas of your healthcare practice in a single, robust system.

    What is Intelligent Medical Software?


    Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) is an all-in-one EHR, practice management, office management, and medical billing system in a single platform. It incorporates all aspects of patient care and managing your practice into one comprehensive ecosystem. With IMS, there’s no need to maintain separate software for patient engagement, telemedicine, or appointment scheduling.

    IMS is Meditab’s flagship software solution founded in 1998. Since then, IMS expanded to cater to over 40 specialties, establishing itself as a leader in specialty EHR software and winning Black Book Awards year after year.

    Created by Medical Specialty Experts


    Every medical specialty has its own unique needs. Designed in a modular format, IMS is customizable to each practice’s specific needs. Compared to generic EHRs, modular EHR designs allow more flexibility and customizability, so practices get everything they need and nothing they don’t.

    Built on the IMS platform, AllergyEHR, FertilityEHR, OphthalmologyEHR, and Cosmetisuite are specialty-specific EHRs that cater to allergy, fertility, ophthalmology, and cosmetic practices, respectively. Backed by years of research and experience, every specialty-specific feature we develop addresses the pain points of specialists using a generic, inadequate EHR. Built hand-in-hand with practicing specialty providers, you get only the best possible features for your specialty needs.

    True to its promise of an all-in-one system, IMS seamlessly integrates with your existing medical devices and top laboratories no matter the specialty.

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    Industry-Leading Solutions And Unparalleled Innovation

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    IMS has always been at the forefront of change and innovation. Even before telemedicine’s widespread adoption at the onset of the pandemic, IMS users have long been providing virtual care. Televisit, IMS’s integrated telemedicine solution, is more than just a video conference solution; it’s a secure, fully-integrated virtual clinic.

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    Few EHRs have built-in messaging systems. We know how communication and coordination are vital in patient care. IMS Chat allows you to easily share critical, actionable information between staff through a secure platform. You can tag and reference patients, drugs, ICD codes, and exchange information at the point of care without the delay and hassle of switching screens.

    MIA, Meditab’s Intelligent Assistant, an AI-powered medical assistant, automates your front-desk workflow and makes new patient onboarding more interactive. Through integration with IMS OnArrival, a self-check-in app, MIA asks new patients a series of basic demographic questions and automatically adds them to IMS, saving your front desk valuable time.

    Perhaps the most highly-anticipated is the Electronic Medical Office (EMO). Composed of various convenient modules, EMO optimizes your medical office and streamlines your day-to-day operations. From call integration and employee scheduling to document storage and visitor logs, EMO brings the power of IMS to every corner of your practice. EMO sets a new standard on the meaning of a true all-in-one system.

    A Partner Invested in Your Success

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    More than just an EHR, IMS is a partner you can trust. Our team of experts has decades of experience in the healthcare industry and are dedicated individuals who want to improve healthcare delivery. All year long, the Meditab team is hard at work to create new enhancements and features that incorporate the latest healthcare technology and usher in better ways of performing your established workflows. Meditab supports your practice through technical support, regular webinars, and the latest healthcare news and industry tips.

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