The Top 5 Qualities Of An EMR Software Company

    Posted by Robert Cecchi

    Choosing an EMR software company can be overwhelming. With a multitude of options, how do you know if you’re making the right choice?

    When your practice needs high-quality, digitized medical charts that perform under pressure, pick an EMR software company with the following qualities.

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    1. Experience

    There’s a reason industry-leading EMR companies, like Meditab Software, have been in the business for 25 years.

    Before making your EMR selection, explore testimonials, reviews, and company history to ensure you’re making a suitable investment. If the EMR company of your choice has an impressive background and practices that promote its positive impact, its products will likely stand the test of time because they actually work.

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    2. Customer Care

    Like any software solution, EMR products can feel complicated and high maintenance. The best EMR software companies provide practices with training opportunities to get your team comfortable and technical support when things aren’t running according to plan. Studies show that personalized training, in particular, is “crucial to maximizing EHR potential” and can significantly improve comfort and confidence in as little as 2-4 hours.

    Whether your issues stem from technology or personnel, an EMR company’s integrity isn’t tested on smooth waters. You’ll notice a great EMR company rise to the occasion when you run into hiccups or need help utilizing your system to its full potential.

    3. Implementation

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    The implementation phase can be challenging, and many EMR companies fail to give practices an acceptable experience. According to recent reports, failure rates for EHR implementation remain high: up to 50% of EHR systems “fail to be properly utilized,” and up to 70% of organizations experience unintended negative consequences, like “project delays, cost overruns, or failure to meet intended goals.”

    Pick a company that offers a thorough analysis before implementation to ensure your technical and medical needs are being met—not to mention a team performing the implementation themselves.

    When your EMR provider is actively involved in the implementation process, it will produce much better results that address the specific demands of your office.

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    4. Affordability & Cost Effectiveness

    The most expensive EMR solutions aren’t necessarily the best. Leading EMR software companies offer great value through affordable solutions with high ROI.

    In the long run, your EMR will ideally make a great investment that pays for itself via features that streamline your workflow and cut costs. Many clinics see their initial investments recovered in as little as ten months. Make sure any EMR company you consider can demonstrate acceptable value to you before you make a decision.

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    5. Scalability & Customization

    You need an EMR solution that grows with you. The best EMR software companies provide scalable solutions that can easily be adjusted to the needs of your office.

    They will also offer EMR as part of a comprehensive suite of other important medical software, including, but not limited to, EHR, practice management, office management, and telemedicine, in addition to administrative solutions for billing, analytics, and payment processing. That way, you can continue to upgrade your practice with the latest solutions long into the future.

    Likewise, having a solution that is customizable and designed to be specialty-specific can have a major impact on an effective EHR rollout. KLAS researchers discovered that EHR satisfaction varies tremendously based on specialty, with personalization tools being chief differentiators between successful and unsuccessful implementations. For the best outcome possible, find a provider that builds solutions for your practice’s specialty and offers customization options that refine workflows even further.

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