4 Ophthalmology Patient Engagement Tools for Your Practice

    Patients today recognize the importance of eye-care services as an essential component of overall wellness. Following a global health crisis, patients are more engaged and involved in their health and demand convenient tools to help them access care. Integrated patient engagement tools in your ophthalmology EHR software can help you meet that demand and ensure long-term profitability for your practice.

    Leverage Technology for Patient Engagement

    Patient engagement used to mean sending patients mail to schedule an appointment or remind them about post-surgery care instructions—despite practices knowing that most mail instantly gets thrown out. Even if patients did bother to look, it didn’t necessarily mean they would follow through. Phone calls improved the process but took up staff’s time.

    Building a long-lasting patient-provider relationship takes time and effort. Thankfully, you can capitalize on new technologies to automate the process and use fewer resources. Optimize your ophthalmology practice management workflow and create more engaged patients with these tools.

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    Patient Engagement-11. IMS InTouch

    Automated patient reminder systems reduce appointment no-shows and ensure treatment compliance while freeing up your staff’s time. IMS InTouch automatically sends emails and text messages to remind patients of their upcoming appointments. Responses show up in real-time in your EHR, so there’s no need to constantly follow up. Practices can also use IMS InTouch to send post-surgery instructions and medication reminders.

    Healthcare technology improves patient care and helps foster better communication too. Show your patients you care and increase patient satisfaction by setting personalized birthday greetings. Send alert messages on recurring payment deductions or whenever their billing statements become available so that patients can financially prepare before their due date.

    Patient App-22. IMS Care Portal and Patient App


    In today’s consumer-driven world, connecting with your patients and allowing them to access their health data has never been more critical. Implementing a self-service patient portal and app in your practice gives you a competitive edge over those who don’t. IMS Care Portal and Patient App empower your patients to play an active role in their health. With 24/7 access to their medical information, patients can request appointments and refills, view their statements, pay bills, send photos and messages, start a telemedicine session, and more.

    IMS On Arrival Icon3. IMS OnArrival

    IMS OnArrival, a mobile self-check-in app, eliminates long lines at your front desk and boosts patient satisfaction. It allows your patients to check themselves in, update their demographics and insurance details, answer questionnaires, sign consent forms, and settle co-pays.

    OnArrival comes equipped with the Meditab Intelligent Assistant (MIA), an AI-powered medical assistant that walks patients through the onboarding process. Rather than handing patients pages of forms to fill in, MIA asks several basic demographic questions that automatically create a new entry in your EHR. OnArrival reduces time spent completing forms, helps ensure an error-free onboarding process, improves staff productivity, and increases patient engagement.

    vas_Televisist4. Televisit


    Patients recovering from eye surgeries or those who have chronic eye conditions often find the follow-up care process arduous. Studies show that transportation barriers strongly correlate with low follow-up appointment attendance even though patients know the importance of post-surgery care.

    Telemedicine reduces the impact of transportation issues and delivers a convenient method for accessing care. Televisit, Meditab’s telemedicine solution, saves patients from traveling long distances or leaving work to receive follow-up care. With Televisit, patients can join a virtual appointment from the convenience of their own home or at their office desk during lunch break. As they would in an in-person visit, patients can sign consent forms and settle co-pays on the same platform.

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    Upgrade Your Ophthalmology EHR Software


    Creating convenient experiences beyond the walls of your clinic helps foster meaningful connections that keep patients coming back. Give your patient engagement strategy a whole new dimension with OphthalmologyEHR’s integrated patient engagement tools.

    As an all-in-one software solution, OphthalmologyEHR helps you create a seamless patient engagement workflow designed to address the unique challenges of ophthalmology practices. Our integrated tools allow you to drive engagement and empower patients to seek care. If your practice hasn’t introduced patient engagement in your workflow yet, now is the best time to implement and leverage healthcare technology as a strategy.

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