IMS Build 27: Transform The Way You Work

    In a bustling workplace like healthcare practices, working efficiently in as little time as possible is crucial. Timely and efficient care leads to better health outcomes, and practices must ensure their tools can keep up. IMS, an all-in-one EHR, practice management, and office management software, equips your practice with innovative technology to deliver faster and more efficient care. With its newest build, IMS brings practical changes to existing modules that significantly transform how you work. IMS Build 27 introduces new buttons, time-saving shortcuts, and valuable additions so that you can seamlessly switch between tasks and work faster with minimal clicks.


    Clinical Improvements for Faster Delivery of Care

    Build 27 Graphics - Content # 1 Lab Order Workflows Improvements-02Build 27 ushers in significant changes to the Diagnostic/Lab Order window. An improved, user-friendly design allows providers to quickly see lab orders and other details. Test codes are displayed next to the lab test name, and you can search lab tests by code to save time. With the addition of the Print, Fax, and Send buttons on the Diagnostic/Lab Order window, providers can now take action in just a few clicks and without switching to another screen.

    Build 27 Graphics - Content # 1 Improved Autotext Feature-03The Autotext feature, a well-loved IMS functionality, gets an upgrade with Build 27. Autotext allows users to assign shortcodes to commonly used documentation phrases to save time. The newest version of IMS introduced a shortcut to launch a drop-down list of all the shortcodes a user has previously set up. So, instead of remembering all the shortcodes or switching screens to refer to a code, a user can use the shortcut and quickly search and select the shortcode from the drop-down list.

    Build 27 Graphics - Content # 1 Auto Upload of Visit Notes on the Patient Portal-06In line with its goal of faster healthcare delivery, Build 27 makes sharing visit notes with patients easier. Practices can now automate uploading a visit note to the patient portal as soon as a provider signs it off. Previously, medical staff had to print the visit note and scan it into the patient portal after the provider signed off. Now, once the provider electronically signs off the visit note, it immediately generates a copy of the visit note and uploads it to the patient portal. This new enhancement saves a huge chunk of your staff’s time and is especially helpful for practices that share several visit notes a day. To reduce confusion and limit what information to upload, practices can set parameters on what part of the visit note to share.

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    Better Data Security

    Build 27 Graphics - Content # 1  IMS Compatibility with Windows Server 2022-01Regularly updating your software protects your system's security from cyber threats. With the rise of cybersecurity threats to the healthcare industry, upgrading your server's operating system to the latest Windows update is imperative. IMS is now compatible with Windows Server 2022 when you upgrade to Build 27. Update your IMS today to enhance your practice's cybersecurity measures.

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    New Compliance UpdatesBuild 27 Graphics - Content # 1 Updates to Patient Statement for Idaho State Compliance-07

    In response to the Idaho Patient Act, we've added changes in Build 27 that automatically add insurance details to the patient statement. With this change, practices don't need to add these details manually. Plus, to ensure your MIPS reporting year 2022 is off to a good start, we've added the annual changes from CMS to this latest IMS Build.

    An EHR Partner That Listens

    Implementing a robust EHR that fits your workflows is a good start to building a successful practice. However, to thrive in a constantly-changing industry, you'll need an EHR partner that listens and adapts to healthcare's changing needs.

    In every IMS update we release, we always think about how we can make healthcare delivery faster and more efficient with minimal interruptions to your workflow. We work hand in hand with providers to develop modules and features that truly cater to their needs. Our industry-leading solutions go above and beyond for your practice through constant collaboration with our partners. Everything we do is about you and how you can help your patients.

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