Zoom-Boom? It’s Time to Give Your Practice Marketing a Facelift

    In the middle of the pandemic, an unlikely trend started to appear. While most practices experienced a decline in patients, the demand for cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic procedures surged. 

    As part of what’s being called the Zoom-Boom, several cosmetic practices across the country report a considerable increase in appointments and inquiries. As more people grow weary of the way they look on Zoom calls and continue working from home, now’s the time to double down on your online practice marketing. Whether establishing a healthier financial future for your practice or just making sure you rise to the new demand, thinking about a marketing strategy is essential for keeping your practice on top.

    According to the journal of Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, the influx of patients interested in aesthetic procedures and treatments is in response to the “massive shift towards remote work and living.” The study suggests that spending more time on virtual platforms like Zoom is likely affecting people’s perception of themselves.

    While we’ve all gotten used to virtual meetings during the pandemic, regularly seeing our faces through our computer screens can make us feel conscious of our appearance. That is evident in the latest list of the most sought-after elective cosmetic procedures this year, including eyelash extensions to botox and facelifts.

    As COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the country, the work-from-home setup will likely remain the norm for the coming months. According to a survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Americans still have an overall positive attitude toward plastic surgery despite the pandemic.

    Patients are looking for you and your services right now. That’s why it’s crucial to ramp up and modernize the way you market your practice.

    Appealing to a New Generation of Patients

    The need for online marketing is universal throughout the health industry. When patients are quick to take their search for doctors and medical services to the internet, relying solely on provider referrals to get new patients will no longer make the cut.

    Speaking during Meditab’s UGM Virtual Summit, Ron Wenig, a seasoned marketing consultant for the health industry marketing and services firm DrCatalyst, stressed the importance of using online platforms to market your practice. “The death of provider referrals is upon us,” he explained, “61% of patients today rely on online resources when looking for doctors.”

    While online marketing can be a little overwhelming, continuing to resist the inevitable shift towards the online world will eventually get you left behind.

    A Diversified Online Marketing Approach

    Effective online marketing campaigns usually require a multifaceted strategy. Depending on your needs, it can be as simple as creating a website or as complex as launching a full patient outreach campaign. That’s where data enters the picture.

    From lead generation to analyzing financial reports and trends, basing your marketing strategy on reliable data will allow you to make better-informed decisions.

    To help jumpstart your practice marketing campaign, there are four key strategies to keep in mind:

    1. Improve Your Website

    Your website is usually the first place potential patients go to when trying to learn more about you and your services. That’s why, on top of being intuitive, fast, and beautifully designed, it’s equally crucial for your website to have clear and engaging content.

    When writing or approving the content for your website, make it a point to be coherent with your message. Set the right expectations and tell your visitors straight away what kind of doctor you are and the services you offer.

    Discerning patients will also look for proof to back up your claims. Rather than merely showcasing your awards and other achievements, add testimonials and case studies to boost your credibility.

    You can read more about making the most of your practice website in another recent post, "3 Useful Tips to Make Your Practice Website Attract More Patients."

    2. Blog Away

    Blog sites, like Meditab’s own, serve a multitude of purposes for your online marketing campaign. From creating awareness and keeping people informed to increasing visibility, blogging can bring in a ton of traffic to your site and new patients to your clinic.

    When looking online, people tend to gravitate towards fresher, newer content. By posting blogs consistently, you’re positioning yourself not only as a great source of the latest, most relevant information but also a reliable one. Simultaneously, Google’s algorithm takes website activity into account, meaning the more updated your content, the higher you’ll rank in Google’s search results.

    3. Stay Active On Social Media

    It’s no secret that most people today are obsessed with social media. In fact, 79% of Americans are social media users. So what better place to market your practice than on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels?

    The best thing about social media is that you can easily reach the right people. You can find people in a specific region, of a certain age, and with similar interests, plus it doesn’t take too much time or too many resources to maintain.

    4. Google Ads

    Have you ever noticed the first three links on Google’s search results page whenever you search for something? Those are paid ads. Going the Google Ads route will go a long way to ensuring your site comes up first when someone searches for something related to your practice. If done right, it can be an invaluable tool to increase your online presence and attract new patients.

    However, the caveat with Google Ads is that it requires money, time, and technical know-how to be effective. Essentially, every click on your ad has a corresponding fee, which means you need to optimize your ads and devote a significant amount of time for their upkeep. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting money.

    That’s why it’s often a good idea to bring in a professional if you wish to employ this strategy. There are companies out there, like DrCatalyst, that specialize in website design, blogging, SEO consultation, and a lot more.

    Also, Look For an EHR with Built-In Marketing Tools

    While the strategies listed above are tried and tested, there are still ways to maximize their benefits for your practice. In online marketing, laying out the plan is only half the battle. You need to pair your strategy with the right tools that will set them in motion. Having a practice software that enables you to market your practice without needing a separate system can go a long way.

    Luckily, there are EHRs like CosmetiSuite with a fully integrated set of sales and marketing tools. From report generation for better analysis of marketing campaigns to gathering referral sources, CosmetiSuite can give your practice’s marketing a boost.

    The pandemic has crippled many medical practices across the country — with more than a few forced to shut down. With the so-called Zoom-Boom, though, cosmetic practices can have a unique opportunity, as long as they put in the planning to get the word out to patients.

    Now’s not the time to wait around. Use this momentum to accelerate your practice’s growth by recalibrating your marketing efforts to reach more patients than ever.

    Now’s not the time to wait around. Use this momentum to accelerate your practice’s growth by recalibrating your marketing efforts reach more patients than ever.