3 Useful Tips to Make Your Practice Website Attract More Patients

    Medical practices are gradually starting to reopen and welcome patients back for in-person appointments. However, many are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. With financial losses from a dramatic decline in patient visits, bringing in new patients is crucial.

    Marketing is essential for any business, and medical clinics are certainly no exception. Although patient acquisition can be challenging, especially in a pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to market your practice and attract new patients. 

    Start With a Strategic Website

    With prospective patients taking their healthcare provider search online, having a professional, polished website creates opportunities for people to see your services. It’s also one of the best ways to establish a credible online presence and create awareness for existing and prospective patients.

    According to a 2019 Binary Fountain survey, 60% of patients start searching for a doctor online. Is your website putting your best foot forward? Is it communicating how unique and professional your practice is? Is it telling the story you want it to? Answering these questions is often the difference between patients choosing your practice, or you losing their business. 

    Increase Engagement Through a Patient Portal

    Your website doesn’t just have to be a mere marketing tool. It can also be a space for patient engagement. Providing a patient portal empowers your patients to access their health records, request medication refills, or book appointments, and that can go a long way.

    Online portals increase patient engagement and boost satisfaction. It’s a convenient and accessible way for patients to be more involved in managing their care. 

    Even as some stay-at-home orders lift, the pandemic still poses a severe threat to public health. As such, the prospect of managing their care from the comfort of their home will appeal to potential patients.  

    Utilize Social Media Channels

    Over 70 percent of the entire U.S. population has a social media account, according to Statista. That means there are plenty of potential patients to reach with marketing in different social media channels. 

    Social media is a great marketing platform, but it’s also a great avenue to actively interact with existing and potential patients alike. Exchange friendly messages, post announcements, and even share blog posts and news articles. The engagement opportunity through social media is virtually limitless.

    Your Patients Are Online, You Should Be Too

    In this day and age where nearly everything can be done online, maintaining an online presence is almost a prerequisite to success. Especially with the coronavirus disrupting the healthcare landscape, forcing many to embrace a remote approach to care, ensuring your website communicates what you need it to can be the difference between staying afloat and closing your doors.

    If you feel like creating a website is too much work to be doing on your own, you can always turn to website specialists like Dr. Catalyst to design and develop your website. This way, you can focus on your patients, while professional developers build a website that best represents your practice.