UGM 2020: The Biggest IMS Announcements and the Future of EHRs

    Posted by Raffie Sescon

    This year’s UGM may be over, but we’re still buzzing from the four days we spent with so many of our clients and partners. We’re back to regular programming, but the fun doesn’t end there. Soon, all the significant enhancements we announced and shared last week will be available with Build 22. We can’t wait for every IMS user to have the chance to dive in.


    UGM 2020 was a big milestone. As our first virtual summit, we were excited and nervous, but the turnout left us awestruck. Our clients and partners turned out and echoed the same enthusiasm for IMS’s future that all of us have been secretly bottling up for months. It made the summit that much more exciting, and we are incredibly thankful. 

    We loved seeing our clients have a fantastic time learning new technology, asking great questions, competing for points, and getting their first look at our latest updates. In a year that has been especially hard for the entire medical community, the chance to come together and take a look into the future was a profound experience.

    From Meditab CEO Paragi Patel’s kick-off speech to her closing remarks, we unveiled specialty enhancement for Allergy, Fertility, and more, as well as updates for the likes of Televisit and payment processing. We heard from one-of-a-kind Meditab partners like DrCatalyst and MG Hosting and even revealed our biggest and most exciting advancement to date.

    By now, the word is out about EMO, the Electronic Medical Office. It’s an all-in-one platform that integrates your IMS with phone systems, employee management, waiting room screens, document management, medical record requests, and more. With EMO, practices no longer have to use multiple applications to manage their operations. They can do it all with a single software.

    We envision EMO to be the new standard of practice software. When we finally shared that vision with our clients, it was a dream come true. Now, there is a bigger dream to realize — to release EMO into the wild.

    EMO is debuting soon with IMS Build 22, which in itself has tons of enhancements to our flagship software. Our UGM sessions covered the most exciting features, dived into the specialty-specific modules, and talked about our plans for them down the road. If you missed those sessions, we will be uploading the recordings for all our clients on IMS Client Connect soon.


    We would pat ourselves on the back, but it was our clients and partners who made UGM the highlight of our year. When we come together at an event like UGM, all that hard work becomes worthwhile. 

    If you weren’t able to attend, we hope to see you next time, whether in person or virtually, at an even bigger UGM.