5 Advantages Online Payments Bring to Your Practice

    People want convenience. Whether they are buying groceries or medical care, that truth remains the same, and online payments continue to become the standard.

    Supercharged in the wake of COVID-19, patients are clamoring for contactless and remote ways to pay their bills. Practices across the country have an opportunity to provide those safer and more accessible alternatives. Beyond offering something your patients want, however, there are also distinct advantages for any practice that upgrades their payment processing and empowers their patients to pay online. 

    1. More Reliable Patient Payments 

    Getting paid is a top priority of any business. Since consumers are looking for quicker, more convenient solutions, offering other options for your patients also means it’s easier for you to get paid. According to a recent Mastercard survey, 46% percent of consumers have switched to contactless and digital payment options since the pandemic started, and 74% say they will continue with the new methods, even after the pandemic is over. 

    Clinics should respond to that changing trend and expand their payment options. As a result, you will see an increase in patient payments and lower your uncollected amounts.

    2. Better Patient Engagement and Satisfaction 

    Patients are engaged in their healthcare more than ever as we move towards a convenient, digital way of viewing medical data. They are also less likely to forget healthcare bills if they can view their statements and pay their bills all in one place. The right payment processor, combined with the growing use of patient portals, will give patients a seamless experience.

    Your patients will enjoy the flexibility that comes as a benefit of your practice's payment processing, increasing their overall satisfaction.

    3. Improved Patient Care 

    Opening up online payment options where patients manage their healthcare bills means one less thing for providers and staff to worry about. That provides you the opportunity to allocate more resources towards assisting patients. 

    Fewer collection calls and fewer people waiting at your front desk to pay their bill means happier and healthier patients all around.

    4. Reduced Operational Costs

    Printing and mailing out patient statements can be costly and time-consuming. That is a cost you can eliminate by providing the ability to make patient statements available online instead. 

    5. Continuous payment collection 

    The right payment processor gives you the ability to save patient payment and card information. Not only does it make the process faster for patients, but it also allows clinics to set up recurring payments. With a single feature, you can reduce missed and late payments, all while establishing a more reliable revenue flow for your practice.

    Simplify Your Practice Payments Today

    Having a payment processor that supports your practice with features like online payments can make all the difference in providing a better experience for your patients. Using one that integrates with your practice management software only increases those benefits. In the case of IMS, Meditab’s EHR and practice management platform, we partner with GlobalPayments Integrated to offer everything from contactless to recurring payments

    Through Meditab’s patient portal and app, patients can see their bills, make payments, and save their card information, giving practice more options and greater flexibility. Discover more ways a dedicated payment processor can elevate your practice below.

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