Top 3 Practice Horror Stories the Right EHR Can Fix

    Posted by Raffie Sescon

    Everyone loves a good scary story. Halloween is just around the corner, and all of us at Meditab can’t help but get in the mood with a few tales of horror. Ghosts, ghouls, inefficient practice workflows… It’s enough to send a chill down our spines. Considering the particulars of this year’s spooky season, though, how about a few frightening stories with happy endings? Grab the candy bowl and get cozy. Here are three haunting nightmares that can lurk in the shadows of every practice (and how to banish them for good). 

    The Specter of an Obsolete System

    Allergy & Asthma Center of Texas

    “Using our old software was like driving a car 100 miles per hour blindfolded,” said Jeff McGee, office manager of Allergy & Asthma Center of Texas. 

    Having helped patients in the greater Dallas area since 2008, the practice had a serious scare when they realized their old software couldn’t keep up. It lacked integrated billing, didn’t allow easy reporting, and its response times were horrendous. When they switched to Meditab’s AllergyEHR, it was “like night and day.”

    “After a few months of using it,” said McGee, “we were convinced that it is the best EMR and immunotherapy solution on the market.” In no time, Allergy & Asthma Center of Texas was using AllergyEHR’s billing module and robust reporting. 

    A slow, obsolete EHR is only scary until you think about your needs and find a better option.

    Support That Mysteriously Disappears

    Children’s Medical Center of Fresno

    A longtime pediatric staple in central California, Children’s Medical Centers of Fresno were haunted by their EHR, but also the support they didn’t receive. “Promptness did not seem to exist,” Dr. Tushar Petal explained. “It took weeks, even months to resolve any issues.”

    Locked in a five-year contract with his previous EHR vendor, Dr. Patel and his staff couldn’t wait for the nightmare to be over. When they switched to Meditab, the personal support convinced the team they’d made the right choice. “The product is great, but the people are even better.”

    Dr. Patel’s clinic put to rest the ghost of their past EHR and moved on to a 28% increase in their bottom line and plummeting patient wait times. 

    The Creaking of a Non-Customizable EHR

    Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates

    Like the agonized sound of a floorboard in a dark hallway, you can almost feel the uncomfortable strain of an EHR pushed to its limits. When Donald Kirk joined Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates (SIPA) as Administrative Director and CEO, he immediately saw things needed to change. 

    Their old system didn’t support customizable templates. Instead, the staff was manually creating the documents they needed and scanning the printed information into the EHR.

    As frustration with the system grew unbearable, they searched for a new EHR. After nine months, they found IMS and never looked back. All of SIPA’s clinical documentation processes became electronic, finally putting an end to manual scanning and data entry. With the help of fully customized templates, their practice workflow became smoother and easier to handle. 

    “The point of technology is efficiency,” Mr. Kirk explained. The right EHR is the one that gives you the options your team needs to be more efficient.

    Have a Healthy, Spooky, Safe Halloween

    Did our scary stories get you ready for a frighteningly good time this Halloween? You can help keep patients safe by following and sharing the recent CDC Halloween guidelines. Or you can engage patients with ideas for alternative ways to enjoy the season.

    If our stories were a little too scary, though, no worries. IMS is here to help providers and medical workers all sleep better at night. Find out more about what it can do for your practice today.