Solve Your Staffing Schedule Problems with IMS Staff Management

    Your staff is your most valuable resource when it comes to providing quality care. However, in between helping your patients and handling necessary administrative tasks, your staff has a lot on their shoulders. Without proper time management, that leads to dissatisfied employees, angry patients, and a lower standard of care. It’s for that exact reason that we have introduced staff management into your EHR. 

    Throughout the industry, too many practices also often struggle to allocate enough staff during peak patient demand or to build a balanced staff schedule across different locations. The result is long patient wait times and tired, overworked employees. 

    All of this means that having the right tools to manage your staff schedules, especially tools integrated with your EHR, can go a long way. 

    IMS Staff Management, part of the newly released Electronic Medical Office (EMO), overcomes staff scheduling and time management challenges and makes sure that your patients are cared for. With two modules under its umbrella, Staff Scheduler and TimeClock, IMS Staff Management ensures you have efficient and satisfied employees.

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    EMO is an entire suite of modules in Meditab’s IMS system designed to optimize your medical office. From employee scheduling to call integration in your EHR, EMO raises the bar for the future of practice software. 

    Make Better Staffing Decisions with IMS Staff Scheduler


    Practice administrators often dread creating employee schedules, and complicated scheduling software adds to that dread. On the contrary, IMS Staff Scheduler is an easy-to-use and intuitive module that saves you time and plenty of headaches. 

    With the added benefit of EHR integration, IMS Staff Scheduler automates the staff scheduling process, keeping in mind your actual patient volume. With no need to toggle between different systems, it dramatically reduces the time it takes to build an optimized schedule.

    Additionally, manual plotting of schedules is often a shot in the dark when determining the right amount of staff. IMS solves that problem by calculating staff requirements according to past patient visits or the future appointments already recorded in your EHR.

    With the Staff Scheduling Calculator feature, you can either set the calculation based on past check-ins or future appointments and allow for a buffer as well. With numbers based on actual data, you can build your schedules more strategically, thereby increasing forecasting accuracy.

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    In the medical field, employee schedules are constantly in flux, especially providers attending different office locations and those performing surgery. With every second counting in patient care, it is essential to have transparency and visibility in schedules so that the rest of the care team will know who and how many providers are scheduled for that day. 

    The Staff Scheduler is a centralized module where employees can view the schedule for the day and better respond in case of employee leave and emergencies. You can view schedules per day or week while conveniently seeing assigned break hours to ensure that every minute of the shift is covered.

    Minimize Employee Burnout with IMS TimeClock


    EHRs are part of a practice’s workflow and are the main software that your staff uses for their day-to-day. It’s probably the first and last thing that your staff touches during each shift. Wouldn’t it be practical to track your staff’s actual working hours right from your EHR? IMS TimeClock does the work for you and makes work hour verification that much easier.  

    When an employee opens IMS at the start of their shift, the Staff Clock-in window automatically pops up for the employee to clock-in. It will also show the current time, date, and shift schedule. 

    Additionally, even with a busy schedule and heavy workload, you and your staff need to take work breaks. Work breaks keep you more focused and engaged in your work, preventing medical errors. The Staff Clock-in window automatically pops up once it’s time for your break. If an employee chooses to skip a break, the system will ask for a reason before they can bypass the reminder. The same goes for clocking out when your shift is done. 

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    Office managers or whoever is in charge of setting the schedules can set up breaks and check-out reminders. These reminders ensure your staff takes their breaks, minimize burnout, and help maintain a work-life balance

    Furthermore, your staff can view and verify their work hours in IMS. Attendance reports are also available to track employee performance. Integrating your attendance system with your EHR simplifies time recording and helps you accurately calculate employee pay. 

    Satisfied Employees, Happier Staff, and a Productive Office with IMS

    Happy Provider and Patient - Staff Management IamgeA balanced provider and staff schedule is an often overlooked aspect of managing your practice, yet it’s an important aspect of delivering quality care. An understaffed practice leads to overworked employees. Too much staff and you’ll have a high overhead cost and wasted resources. With an employee management system integrated right in an EHR, you can produce better schedules while considering the health needs of your patients. 

    Every patient deserves your full attention and care, and automating your employee management system lets you make more time for your patients. With IMS Staff Management, your practice can improve clinical efficiency, practice cost-effective staffing, and achieve employee satisfaction. 

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