How to Switch EHRs: Your Guide to Better Practice Software

    Nothing is more frustrating for a provider than to be stuck with a cumbersome electronic health record (EHR) system. A Medical Economics survey found that 67% of physicians who use an EHR in their practice are unhappy with their choice of software.

    Unfortunately, despite EHR dissatisfaction, many practices would rather settle with lackluster software than deal with the hassle of converting to a new EHR.

    It’s no secret that switching EHRs is a major step for any practice. From operational interruptions to staff training, EHR transition requires considerable time and resources to complete.

    While challenges are an unavoidable part of switching EHRs, there are ways to minimize their impact on your productivity, cash flow, and quality of care.

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    A Structured, Personalized Implementation Plan

    the easiest way to switch EMRs

    Incorporating an entirely new system into your existing workflows may seem like a tall order, but having an organized implementation plan can simplify the transition process. Maintaining open communication with your new EHR provider is vital so you can design an efficient implementation strategy together.

    The primary goal of structuring your EHR transition is to keep operational disruptions at a minimum. An organized plan allows you to prepare your team, resources, and patients for changes to workflows, office hours, and other areas of your operations.

    A Time-Tested Approach

    It takes years to measure an implementation plan’s effectiveness. That’s why it’s wise to choose an EHR provider with a time-tested implementation approach.

    Meditab’s three-tier strategy has helped thousands of practices across the country switch to a well-rounded, specialty-specific EHR: Intelligent Medical Software (IMS). Aimed at providing a streamlined, tailored process, Meditab’s implementation plan is divided into three phases: analysis, setup, and training.


    During analysis, implementation experts assess your practice’s most pressing needs. This includes evaluating your top clinical priorities, infrastructural needs, and specialty-specific requirements, as well as providing data migration and other technical support.

    The findings from our team’s assessment will serve as the basis for how our implementers will set up and customize your IMS system.

    System Setup

    Every practice has unique needs that generic software solutions aren't equipped to meet. An ideal system setup goes beyond just installing the necessary software and hardware requirements but tailors the system to your specific needs.

    Meditab's implementation approach assures you of an IMS platform designed around your needs. Our team customizes every module, feature, and functionality to ensure that you’re getting everything you need and nothing you don’t.


    Regardless of your practice’s size, location, or specialty, Meditab’s implementation strategy guarantees a tailored solution and a seamless EHR transition.


    No matter how smooth the implementation process is, it’s useless if you and your staff don’t know how to navigate your new EHR. To prepare your entire practice for IMS, Meditab provides comprehensive training, complete with training manuals and instructor-led tutorial videos.

    You know you’ve chosen the right EHR company when they are there for you every step of the way, from planning to implementation, to go-live and beyond. Meditab takes it a step further by keeping you informed about product updates, industry news, and compliance changes through regular webinars and blog posts.

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    Switch to the EHR You Deserve


    The minor inconveniences that come with switching EHRs are nothing compared to the relief you’ll feel when you find the right EHR for your practice. It’s time to break free from the shackles of your subpar software and experience what a truly complete, tailored solution is like.

    With Meditab’s tried and tested implementation approach, you don’t have to go through a rough transition process to experience the power of IMS!

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