Top 10 EHR Must-Haves for Every Allergist

    An EHR solution specific for allergy medicine can only become the allergist’s sharpest tool if it’s able to respond to their practice’s unique needs. AllergyEHR, Meditab’s award-winning allergy EHR software, empowers allergists to run their entire practice using a single integrated system, combining immunotherapy features with practice management, EHR, and patient engagement.

    Here are AllergyEHR’s top 10 features that every allergist must have:

    Top 10 EHR_Document Allergy Skin Test Documentation 
    Document skin test results with ease from a single screen.

    Top 10 EHR_Mobile App Mobile Capabilities
    Have the freedom and flexibility to access your practice anywhere and anytime you need.

    Top 10 EHR_Billing Module Automated Immunotherapy Billing
    Spend more time with your patients and get paid sooner while minimizing administrative tasks.

    Top 10 EHR_Notepad Reaction Checking and Treatment
    Document local and systemic reactions with customizable templates.

    Top 10 EHR_Shots Calendar Shot Schedule Template
    Manage your patient’s shots effectively with standard shot templates.

    Top 10 EHR_Scheduler ModuleMissed Shot Follow Up
    Track and notify your patients who are missing their allergy shots.

    Top 10 EHR_Shot Mudle Shot Module
    Improve patient safety with a well-defined allergy shot process and documentation.

    Top 10 EHR_Capsule-Tablets-Rx(1) Lab Orders and Tracking
    Track, send, and receive lab orders electronically and view comparative lab data easily.

    Top 10 EHR_Reports Preparation Reports Preparation and Management
    Easily keep track of all your operations both medical and administrative.

    Top 10 EHR_Dollar Sign(1) Billing and Collections
    Spend more time providing quality patient care, less time on billing.

    Choosing the right software solution partner is a high-risk decision. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

    AllergyEHR is the premier, all-in-one Allergy and Immunology specialty-specific EHR and Practice Management solution in the industry. Voted the #1 Allergy EHR vendor by Black Book year after year, AllergyEHR is the top software of choice for over 600 Allergists worldwide.

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