Simplify Your Clinic Workflow with Procedure Task Board

    Posted by Shin Tala

    Since most practices today are gradually transitioning to paperless workflows, MAs now have to be familiar with EHR software, and that's an additional task on top of their heavy workload.

    Now, with our new update, you can integrate your MAs' tasks into your EHR workflow.

    IMS now comes with Procedure Task Board screen, a handy feature that your MAs can use to manage and perform previsit and postvisit task.

    ims for clinic

    To help save the time and effort of your MAs, the Procedure Task Board screen automatically generates their previsit and postvisit tasks as soon as the patient checks in. After your MAs complete the task, the system automatically sets the status of the task as done.

    If you're worried that your MAs might accidentally check out a patient without completing a few tasks, we made sure that our solution prevents that from happening. Your MAs can view the number of pending or in-progress tasks and complete them before they check out a patient.

    With IMS, there's no need to worry about integrating your MA workflow with your EHR. We've already got that covered.

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