Patient Engagement Stats Your Practice Should Know

    Posted by Robert Cecchi

    As healthcare technology expands through apps, online portals, and digital communication channels, patients’ ability to engage with their own healthcare has never been easier.

    According to the World Health Organization, these new avenues of patient engagement have become increasingly relevant for delivering great care. Patients are more likely to follow health plans, understand chronic conditions, and become invested in their care when engaged. In short, better patient engagement means better patient outcomes.

    For practices like yours, having great patient engagement tools in your tool belt will be critical for delivering the maximum quality of care your patients deserve.

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    Why Online Patient Engagement Is the New Normal

    More than ever, patients are looking to connect with healthcare providers outside of the office. Technologies like online scheduling, patient apps, and digital billing solutions are all converging to deliver a new era of administration based on speed, convenience, and reliability. Whether at home or on the go, patients expect the modern medical office to offer ways of participating in the management of their healthcare.

    Patient Engagement Stats Infographics 1

    • 75% of patients reported using an online patient portal.
    • 78% of patients reported willingness to use secure online payments.
    • 59% of millennials would switch doctors for better online access.
    • 81% of applicants would use a secure online portal to schedule appointments.
    • 79% of patients are more likely to choose a provider with online, mobile, and self-service interactivity.
    • 50% of patients say a bad online experience can ruin their relationship with a provider. 39% said a great online experience can solidify their relationship.
    • Missed appointments cost the healthcare industry $150 billion per year.

    How Patient Engagement Produces Better Outcomes

    Apart from administrative improvements like scheduling and billing, better patient engagement reduces negative health outcomes. Generally, engaged patients are keeping on top of their health plans better than unengaged patients. By engaging your patients, they will be less likely to miss medication, deteriorate from chronic conditions, or end up in the hospital.

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    How Technology Solutions Promote Patient Engagement

    Patient engagement is being fueled by an influx of new healthcare technology solutions. From telemedicine to billing, these solutions are helping patients navigate the complicated world of medicine with streamlined accessibility. By leveraging these solutions, you can take your patient engagement to the next level and offer a higher standard of healthcare.

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