Meditab Is Offering an All New Virtual Experience for Clients

    Posted by Raffie Sescon

    Storms and floods in the East. Fires right here in California and the rest of the West. A global pandemic. This year certainly hasn’t been easy for the healthcare industry. Across the country, everyone had to adjust, change their plans, and figure out a new way forward. As a testament to the strength of medical workers nationwide, though, the industry did just that.

    Everyone at Meditab couldn’t be more proud of the practices we work with every day, and we are offering our clients something special. An exclusive virtual summit open to all our clients, this year’s User Group Meeting (UGM) is coming to you.

    The opportunity to connect, share knowledge, and work together to overcome challenges is more important now than ever. UGM 2020 aims to do just that, and give our hard-working partners the first look at one of the biggest announcements in Meditab’s 21-year history, a major upcoming launch for the next generation of IMS.

    Over the past eight months, our team has been hard at work, despite the drastic adjustments to our day-to-day operations in the wake of COVID-19. Knowing that better, more reliable practice software has never been more important, we’ve pushed even harder to bring new integrations, services, and technology to practices impacted by COVID-19, supporting and empowering them to survive the crisis. 

    In that push, we’ve been developing an entirely new direction for IMS. Packed with a huge suite of new features, it’s the next big step for IMS (and for EHRs).

    These huge updates will debut in the months ahead, and we can’t wait to dive into each of them at UGM 2020.  Attendees will get an inside look at how each feature expands and revolutionizes IMS. On top of that, dozens of sessions will drill into each corner of healthcare, providing expert insight into the industry, the solutions, and everything practices need to thrive.

    This year has been hard for the industry, but we’re all getting through it together. Like every practice that uses IMS, Meditab isn’t slowing down, and we’re committed to supporting our partners as much as ever.

    The UGM Virtual Summit is taking place on November 4–7. If you are a client interested in joining the event, reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.