Obsolete? No, It’s Evolved | How eFaxing Can Change Your Practice

    In a digital age where internet-based tools like email, SMS, and messaging apps dominate communications, the fax machine in the office corner tends to stand out. It feels antiquated. Nonetheless, the good old machine keeps cranking away. With new innovations like eFaxing, though, you no longer have to put up with the inefficiencies of a decades-old piece of equipment, while still seeing the benefits.

    There are still plenty of reasons offices keep fax machines around. For starters, it’s one of the most secure ways to send documents. Unlike emails that can be intercepted, hacked, or embedded with a virus, faxing doesn’t face similar risks. Especially for medical offices that constantly send and receive confidential documents, faxing is the best bet for safe and secure document transmission.

    Eliminating the tiresome inefficiency and hassle of traditional faxing while keeping the security and functionality, eFaxing is the natural next step. A more modern, cost-effective, and efficient faxing solution, it delivers all the advantages of your trusty old fax machine, plus the ease we all expect in our daily communication.

    Save Time and Money With eFaxing

    Everyone who has been using a fax machine for a long time usually comes away with more than one frustrating story to tell. Whether it’s reliability problems, high maintenance and paper costs, or that one colleague who takes forever with the fax machine, these issues impede office productivity.

    Although fax machines continue to play a crucial role in medical offices, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s old tech. It lacks the features and functionalities that meet the needs of a modern practice, especially when it comes to importing the information into your EHR. That’s why Meditab’s IMS Fax Cloud, a cloud-based eFaxing solution, integrates directly with our EHR platform.

    Imagine if you could send a fax directly from your computer. No more waiting around the fax machine or worrying about maintenance and wasted stacks of paper. It’s a solution that saves you time and money while improving practice efficiency.

    Making Faxing Convenient While Still Keeping it Secure

    While convenient faxing is all well and good, security and privacy are still paramount. That’s why IMS Fax Cloud uses a secure, fully HIPAA-compliant network so you can transfer PHI without having to worry about a HIPAA breach.

    Even with all the fancy ways of sending messages and documents today, faxing will always have a place in a medical office’s workflow. Thanks to innovative solutions like IMS Fax Cloud, you can still enjoy the benefits of faxing without dealing with the usual problems of a fax machine.