How Cloud-Based Fax Servers are Reshaping Healthcare

    Posted by Jhilum Basu


    The modernization of the healthcare sector has come a long way since 2008 when the adoption of health IT was a mere 17% of doctors and 9% of hospitals. Today, 78% of doctors and 96% of hospitals use certified electronic health records systems (EHRs) to manage their patients’ data.

    Even though this digitization required a billion dollars, the healthcare sector still has not gone totally paperless. Doctors are still making notes on paper and faxing patient information. Even at a clinic with the most cutting edge technology, you’ll most likely find the good old fax machine.

    While fax isn’t going anywhere, we can easily make it smarter and better. How? Good question! We’ve all heard the idiom, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Here, the cloud itself is the silver lining to the gloom of faxing problems such as busy signals, blurry printouts, or faxes sent to wrong places.

    Evolve to Fax Cloud

    Fax Cloud_Evolve
    Go environment-friendly, save stacks of paper, and give that shredder some rest. Cloud-based fax servers are the answer to cumbersome paper records and junk machines. These systems are secure as the faxes transit through encrypted tunnels and stored in encrypted servers for the security of the PHI. You even get a clear audit trail of every fax that was sent or received.
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    It’s time to say goodbye to your bulky fax machine and say hello to IMS FaxCloud, the fast and simple electronic faxing solution.

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    Why switch to IMS FaxCloud?

    Fax Cloud_Access and ViewAccess and view your e-faxes in seconds.

    Fax Cloud_Send and ReceiveSend and receive faxes fast with web service calls. No more waiting for an available fax server line — it has a 99.9% uptime!

    Fax Cloud_Fax lineKeep your existing fax line or start fresh with a new one.

    Fax Cloud_Long-term savingsLong-term savings from transmission charges and money spent on paper/ink.

    Fax Cloud_SecureSecure and HIPAA compliant. Send faxes without leaving behind a paper trail of private/patient information.

    Go paperless. Go cloud. See how IMS FaxCloud can upgrade your practice today.
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