Smart Healthcare Is Here to Stay: Is Your Practice Ready?

    Steve Jobs’ unveiling of the first iPhone back in 2007 marked the beginning of the smartphone age. But that moment also paved the way for a slew of other mobile technologies that would revolutionize industries and dramatically change our way of life. Fast-forward to 2020, and mobile technology is yet again at the forefront of another evolution. This time, in the healthcare world, with Smart Healthcare. 

    The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance and urgency of integrating mobile and remote capabilities in patient care. In the past six months alone, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in demand and the accelerated adoption of technologies like Telehealth and other healthcare-related mobile apps. While these technologies aren’t new, many patients and providers alike are just now starting to realize the value of mobile technology in healthcare delivery.

    Despite the pandemic’s effects, there might be a silver lining for the industry’s future. People now understand the many benefits and advantages of mobile healthcare. Combine that with the fact that 81% of Americans are smartphone users, the adoption of mobile healthcare technology is only going to increase in the coming years. It only means that there’s no better time to incorporate mobile tools into your practice than today. 

    Building a Future-Proof Smart Practice

    Meditab’s IMS is a product of more than 20 years of innovation. With each iteration and improvement, IMS has grown its suite of fully-integrated smart and mobile features, propelling clinics and independent practices into the next generation of healthcare.


    During the pandemic, Telehealth has expanded like never before. With new legislation seeking to maintain that freedom and accessibility, we should expect to see it become even more of a staple in the healthcare industry moving forward. 

    Televisit is Meditab’s full-featured Telehealth platform. Unlike other services, however, it's fully integrated into IMS, making it more convenient to use, secure, and fully HIPAA-compliant. If your practice doesn’t offer remote visit services yet, you’re missing out on a tremendous income-generating opportunity.


    Having the ability to carry your EHR in your pocket is a convenience many healthcare providers wish they had, and IMSGo gives you precisely that. Wherever you are, you can access patient information, approve medication refill requests, review lab results, record visit notes using speech-to-text or touch pen integration, and more.

    It gives you the flexibility to attend to urgent patient concerns whenever, wherever.

    IMS Chat

    Proper communication and coordination between care teams are vital in providing quality care. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right tools and a secure platform where you can communicate and share actionable patient information with your colleagues. That’s where IMS Chat can help.

    Through a secure and HIPAA-compliant network, you’ll never have to worry about not being on the same page with your fellow providers again. 

    Patient App

    A 2020 Deloitte survey on US healthcare consumers found that patients are taking more agency and becoming more personally involved in their care.

    Through Patient App, your patients will now have a platform where they can actively take part in managing their care. Greater patient involvement means less of a burden on your staff and better outcomes overall.

    Appointment Booking System (ABS)

    A front desk overwhelmed with booking-related phone calls is an all-too-common scene. Having an online booking system fixes that problem. ABS provides patients with the flexibility and convenience to book an appointment at any time of the day, without calling in.

    By simply logging in to your practice website, your patients can schedule a visit based on currently available times. All your staff has to do is confirm it from IMS, and it will automatically appear in your scheduler. Having that kind of efficiency means maximizing productivity.  

    Put the Smart in Smart Healthcare

    The rapid advancement and exponential growth of mobile and internet-based technology have brought the term “smart healthcare” into the fore. It’s a concept that combines eHealth (information technology in healthcare) and mHealth (mobile tools in healthcare) to better treat patients and deliver care.

    Now that the pandemic is accelerating the healthcare industry’s evolution, it’s more important than ever for your practice to have smart healthcare capabilities. The adage “time waits for no one” rings true for today’s medical practices. If you don’t start equipping your practice with the smart tools that will help you meet the rapidly changing needs, you will eventually and inevitably get left behind.