Maximize Your Mobile EHR Software: IMSGo App Tips & Tricks

    With today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving healthcare landscape, a mobile EHR software solution offers a plethora of advantages to healthcare providers. Mobile EHR apps empower users to attend to urgent matters instantly, no matter where they are. From simple tasks like approving refill requests to more complex administrative functions and emergencies, having the ability to be there for your patients and your practice right away gives you confidence and peace of mind.

    Meditab understands how important flexibility is to your practice. That’s why our flagship EHR software, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), comes integrated with a full-featured mobile application. The IMSGo app is unlike other mobile EHR systems with limited capabilities. It lets you access your EHR’s most essential features remotely and perform clinical, billing, and other administrative functions on the go. IMSGo is also compatible with both Apple and Android so you can enjoy true mobile functionality on your favorite device.

    Using your IMSGo app to its full potential will help you save time and money, optimize response times, and improve care coordination and quality of care. Here are seven helpful tips to help you make the most of your usage.

    1. Easy Login


    Providers already have a lot on their plate, so complicated login requirements will only add to the burden. With the IMSGo app, however, logging in has never been easier. You can sign in to your IMSGo account securely using Face ID for Apple devices and one-touch fingerprint login for Android.

    Go to the settings menu and enable the appropriate login mechanism based on the device you’re using — no more lengthy usernames and passwords — just quick, instant access to your mobile EHR.

    2. On-the-Go Schedule Management


    Tracking and managing your schedule on the go can be a nightmare. That’s why IMSGo brings you all the features you need to manage your schedule, even outside of the office.

    From viewing requested appointments and appointment history to checking your availability and rearranging your appointments as you see fit, everything you need to stay on top of your schedule is at your fingertips.

    3. Patient Prescription Management


    Delayed refill request approval means delayed care. With IMSGo, there’s no need for you to be in the office to update prescriptions and authorize refills — you can do all that and more from your phone.

    Having the ability to manage patient prescriptions with just a few swipes and taps helps improve patient satisfaction and empowers you to prioritize your personal time.

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    4. Remote Visits


    The accelerated adoption of telehealth is perhaps one of the few silver linings of the pandemic. And with the positive reception of patients and providers alike, it’s looking like telehealth is here to stay.

    But even before the rest of the healthcare industry caught on, IMS and IMSGo already had an integrated telehealth solution: Televisit. With IMSGo, you can launch virtual consultations from anywhere using your phone or tablet. There’s no need to worry about payments either because Televisit allows you to collect copay first before the start of every session.

    5. Faster Check-Ins


    Lengthy check-in processes can lead to frustrated patients and overwhelmed staff. Don’t wait until your patient and staff retention rates drop. Expedite check-ins with one simple hack: IMSGo.

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    IMSGo lets you check patient check-in information and medical history on the fly, helping accelerate your check-in process while freeing your staff to focus on other tasks.

    6. Lab Results


    Designed to give providers better flexibility, IMSGo empowers you to stay productive in and out of the office. That’s why the app includes a feature that makes viewing lab results more effortless.

    With the option to see the complete overview and a comprehensive results breakdown, you can stay on top of your patients’ lab results and make timely, well-informed clinical decisions.

    7. Dashlets — An Overview of Your Entire Practice


    IMSGo is more than just a clinical tool. Just like IMS, the IMSGo app is also a billing and practice management powerhouse in your pocket.

    With IMSGo Dashlets, you can get detailed summaries of crucial information from the different areas of your practice. From schedules and patient visits to billing health reports and other pertinent information, Dashlets gives you a quick overview of your practice’s overall performance.

    Leverage the Power of IMSGo

    Nearly 90% of physicians are already using their smartphones and tablets to perform work-related functions. That means more and more providers are seeing the benefits of mobile EHR software. However, very few mobile EHRs today come close to the intuitiveness and integration of IMSGo. And as demonstrated by the seven tips above, it only takes a few swipes and taps to leverage IMSGo’s full potential to your advantage.

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