Join Meditab at the Conference for Agricultural Worker Health

    Posted by Karen Grace Larsen

    This year’s Conference for Agricultural Worker Health (AWH) is just around the corner, and Meditab is ecstatic about joining it for the first time!

    From April 23 to 25, 2024, agricultural worker health experts from all over the country will gather at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta to share their experiences, learn from one another, and explore innovative solutions to the unique healthcare needs of the nation’s agricultural workforce.

    As an established community healthcare EHR software provider, Meditab is set to showcase at the event, unveiling our powerful solution specially tailored for federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and community health centers (CHCs).

    Drop by table #5 and discover how IMS for FQHCs and CHCs can optimize operations, improve clinical outcomes, and positively impact the community.

    What to Expect at the 2024 Agricultural Worker Health Conference


    Sponsored by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), the AWH Conference is the only event dedicated to the health and well-being of America’s migratory and seasonal agricultural workers and their families. Here are a few things to expect from the event and why you need to be there:

    • Keynote Speeches from Eduardo Sanchez, MD, MPH, FAAFP, the American Heart Association’s chief medical officer for prevention, and Cleofas Rodriguez, Jr., the National Migrant Seasonal Head Start Association’s executive director.
    • Moderated Panel Discussions on key issues, trends, and challenges in the AWH field, which provide diverse perspectives and engage the participants in insightful dialogue.
    • Training Sessions that allow attendees to deepen their knowledge, develop practical skills, and engage in interactive learning experiences facilitated by subject matter experts.
    • Interactive Tabletop Exhibits that showcase the latest products, services, and innovations that help elevate agricultural worker health, including Meditab’s flagship software, IMS for FQHC and CHC.
    • Social Events such as the Migrant Health Awards and Networking Luncheon, the conference reception, and networking and beverage breaks allow attendees to relax, unwind, and foster meaningful connections outside formal sessions.

    The Best EHR for FQHCs and CHCs: An Inside Look at IMS


    Every year, passionate professionals convene and collaborate at the Conference for Agricultural Worker Health to share solutions that improve the overall health and quality of life of the agricultural worker population and their families.

    Committed to the continuous improvement of community health, Meditab is excited to participate in this meaningful event for the first time and give its attendees an interactive walk-through of our cutting-edge CHC and FQHC EHR software, IMS.


    Integrated UDS Reports

    Lighten your administrative load and effortlessly gather data for compliance requirements! With IMS, you can generate timely and accurate reports using a fully integrated UDS reporting mechanism.

    Sliding Fee Scale Automation

    Manually adjusting rates and discounts takes up considerable time and effort from your staff and can obstruct your billing workflow efficiency. We address this challenge with top-notch innovation. IMS automatically determines every patient’s sliding fee scale eligibility so you can reduce errors, boost efficiency, and maximize revenue.

    Grant Dashboard

    Keeping track of funding and grants is crucial to running a community health center. IMS makes grant management as convenient as possible with its robust Grant Dashboard. Streamline, expedite, and track the processing of every patient’s grants in a single module.

    Comprehensive, Multi-Specialty Modules

    Equip your health center with customizable and specialty-specific modules that can keep up with your dynamic operations. IMS can consolidate multiple specialty workflows into one powerful platform:

    • OB/GYN: Antepartum Module
    • Mental Health: Self-Scoring Assessments, DSM-5
    • Dental: Periodontal Charting
    • Ophthalmology: Manifest Rx, Procedure Planning, ASC Module

    24/7 IMS Support

    Experience peace of mind and uninterrupted productivity with round-the-clock access to technical assistance. Available and reliable 24/7, our seasoned team of IMS support experts is just a phone call away, ready to help your community health center anytime. 

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    Catch Meditab at the Agricultural Worker Health Conference!


    Agricultural worker health is complex and presents multifaceted challenges. It demands continuous learning, innovation, and adaptability—and the 2024 AWH Conference aims to foster these qualities.

    Meditab is committed to helping meet the healthcare needs of agricultural workers and their families. And we want to empower your practice with the technology and support necessary to provide the highest quality of community care possible.  Spend less time on paperwork and more time focusing on what truly matters—providing compassionate care to those who need it most.

    Join us at the 2024 Conference for Agricultural Worker Health and swing by table #5 for insightful discussions, actionable tech advice, and a complimentary demo of IMS for CHCs! 

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