IMS Build 30: When Adaptable Innovation Meets Evolution

    Guided by the pandemic's lessons, Meditab now puts an even heavier premium on adaptability. Your medical practice needs equally dynamic technology solutions to grow and thrive in a constantly shifting healthcare landscape.

    Whether it’s mounting administrative burdens, radical shifts in care settings, or increasing cybersecurity threats, there’s nothing you can’t overcome with intelligent technology that stays ahead of industry demands. That’s why IMS’s latest version, Build 30, comes with robust enhancements that simplify workflows, boost interoperability, strengthen data security, and improve the overall user experience.


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    Send Claim Attachments Electronically

    Send Claim Attachments Electronically EHRMedical billers are no strangers to dealing with steep documentary requirements. Insurance companies often require pages upon pages of documentary evidence to support a claim’s medical necessity. Otherwise, your claim will likely get rejected.

    To accelerate and simplify claims processing and ensure you get paid, IMS Build 30 allows users to send claim attachments electronically through the Availity clearinghouse. Having the ability to attach supporting documents to a claim saves time and money from faxing or mailing documents in.

    Generate UDS Reports Without a Hiccup

    Generate UDS Reports in EHRThe Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) requires Federally Qualified Health Centers, or FQHCs, to submit a core set of information annually as part of its Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting program. Something as comprehensive as UDS reports require heavy data mining.

    That means pulling and analyzing large data sets simultaneously and compressing the information into digestible, easy-to-understand summaries—a process that could potentially affect your software’s performance.

    IMS Build 30 eliminates this problem with an independent web-based UDS Reporting Portal. You can generate reports in minutes without slowing your EHR down by having a separate solution dedicated to your UDS reporting needs.

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    Discover an Enhanced Care Management Module

    Enhanced Care Management Module in EHRFor pain management practices and other health centers that provide chronic care services, IMS Build 30 comes with new features and enhancements for better flexibility.

    With the New Report functionality on the Dashboard window, a flexible enrollment date selection on the tracking screen, and a New Task button on Chart View, Build 30 makes the Care Management module more well-rounded than ever.

    Efficiently Manage Authorizations With Enhanced UI

    EHRs with good UIConsistent with our promise to put you at the heart of our innovation, our team will gradually implement user interface (UI) enhancements across IMS in future build releases. IMS’s new look and feel will improve readability and overall navigation experience.

    As one of many IMS UI revamps, the Authorizations and Referral module in Build 30 now features a white background and new fonts for better readability, cleaner icons with increased visibility on screens, and highlighted key action buttons. Practices using this module will be able to manage authorizations and referrals more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

    Experience Enhanced Interoperability

    EHR with FHIR APIWe understand that not all organizations your practice deals with are IMS users. In an industry where data heavily influences clinical and business outcomes, having the ability to securely access and exchange patient information is vital.

    With Build 30’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Application Programming Interface (FHIR API) integration, you can now access, send, and receive crucial patient information across multiple platforms. In simple terms, an API technology is a way for two or more software systems to communicate with each other. This allows for different organizations using different platforms to share and exchange data using a similar format, improving interoperability and data access.

    IMS Build 30: This is IMS Evolved

    In an industry hounded by disruptions from all fronts, it’s not sustainable to simply play catch up—you need to stay ahead. IMS Build 30 embodies our mission of putting our clients at the cusp of innovation. We work not just to help you keep up but ultimately give you a headstart against the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

    As Meditab marks 25 years of innovation, we are already gearing up to take on the future of healthcare with even more adaptable technology solutions and services. From enhanced claims automation to an independent compliance reporting tool, upgraded care management features, modernized authorizations module, and increased interoperability, Build 30 marks the beginning of IMS’s evolution.

    Want to experience the new look and feel of IMS? If you’re already a client, reach out to your account manager about upgrading to Build 30. If you’re new to IMS and want to see our all-in-one EHR in action, schedule a FREE demo today.

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