Top 3 Benefits of Telehealth to Healthcare Practices and Patients

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    In a world bridged by online meetings, video calls, and live streams, online consultations are the next big step for healthcare. Today, many of our communication needs are met with just a few taps or clicks on our screens, but what about healthcare?

    Surveys find that the adoption of telehealth by US healthcare institutions is growing rapidly.



    All the factors that drive telehealth’s snowballing growth, including changes in demographics and prevalence of chronic illnesses, suggest that now is the best time for physicians to understand how telehealth can benefit their practice and their patients.


    First, let’s get right to the obvious: remote care is just a lot more convenient. Patients would rather see a doctor through video conferencing because it’s faster than going through appointment scheduling, commuting, paperwork, and hours of waiting in line. Telehealth enables patients to request a video call with their provider on their mobile device or desktop computer anytime, anywhere. This allows your practice to significantly cut down the time it takes to deliver care, helping those who seek it to avoid delays and, ultimately, achieve better outcomes.


    Aside from the increasing patient demand, another good reason behind the growth of telehealth is the increased reimbursement. The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has expanded its coverage for remote care services in 2019 according to this report. With this change in policy, providers have another opportunity to receive more incentives if they offer telehealth services.

    Implementing a telehealth program generates 11% in cost savings, according to the Geisinger Health Plan study.

    Patient-Provider Receptivity

    Telehealth also significantly impacts many kinds of patients, particularly those who need regular office visits and follow ups. Imagine how much easier it would be for those who live in remote areas, or the elderly, and the chronically ill patients to get a face-to-face with their doctors without the stress associated with traditional consultations. Once patients see how telehealth works, they generally feel good as they continue to utilize it.

    67% of patients who utilized telehealth report that it increases their satisfaction with medical care.

    Televisit (IMS Module)

    Televisit is a healthcare video conferencing feature that’s integrated within IMS, so once you start using Televisit, all the information you need to run an effective video conference with your patient is already there in your system. There’s no need for third party integrations.

    Televisit allows providers to interact, care, and monitor patients remotely, helping to overcome distances, provide care anywhere, and experience a number of benefits such as:

    • More Prepaid Reimbursable Appointments
    • Less Operating Cost, Fewer Staff Needed for Check Ins
    • Easier and Faster Billing
    • Reduced No-Shows & Cancellations
    • Increased Number of Patients Treated Per Day
    • Increased Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

    Healthcare is just a video call away.

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