The Undeniable Benefits of ePrescriptions vs. Paper

    Posted by Raffie Sescon


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    Why are more and more physicians switching to electronic prescribing?

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    In the past, most patients leave the doctor’s office with a paper prescription in hand if their ailment required medication. They took the prescription to the pharmacy and waited in line to have it filled. But these days, doctors are utilizing e-prescription tools to send scripts directly to the pharmacy, saving everyone time and making it a win-win situation for patients and physicians.

    ePrescription Helps Accelerate PA Processing

    E-prescription has made a substantial impact in helping providers deliver better healthcare to their patients, especially in battling the long winded process of prior authorization (PA). A recent survey found that electronic processes helped providers spend less time on PA.

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    For physicians, an EHR with a built in e-prescribing solution, like IMS, is a huge time saver. The e-prescribing module in IMS is integrated with CoverMyMeds, which enables physicians to do a real-time benefit check when prescribing medicine. With this integration, it will be a lot easier to ensure that patients are prescribed with the most cost-efficient and clinically appropriate medication.

    With real-time transmissions and quicker PA, patients no longer have to wait a long time while they’re sick or in pain, their medicine is ready and waiting for them upon arrival at the pharmacy. It also eliminates issues associated with paper prescriptions, such as inaccuracy, forgery, and fraud.

    Aside from getting the patient’s estimated out-of-pocket cost for a prescribed drug, CoverMyMeds also allows providers to get an alternative drug option for the prescription. This helps optimize patient outcomes while reducing waste, errors, and unnecessary prescription drug use and cost.

    ePrescription Eases up the Prescribing of Controlled Substances

    Prescribing controlled substances also becomes easier when done electronically. The e-prescribing module in IMS now comes with a seamless physical and soft token integration, so you can generate OTPs as you order the prescription. It’s that easy and fast, and in addition to accelerating patient care, you can ultimately help prevent drug abuse with this built-in feature.

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    The accuracy, efficiency, and security offered by e-prescription cannot be understated. With the newest e-prescribing technology, providers can retrieve eligibility, formulary, and medication history at a click of a button, making prescribing a lot faster and significantly more accurate and legible without compromising the safety of patients.

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