This Thanksgiving, IMS Has a New Guest at the Table

    With Thanksgiving, it’s hard not to imagine a beautiful dinner and coming together with family and loved ones. Even though this year is a bit different, with video chats instead of dining room tables, there’s nothing quite like having the chance to talk to and catch up with family. After more than 20 years here at Meditab, we’re proud to say our IMS software family is as tight-knit as they come. 

    Our EHR always roasts the proverbial turkey to perfection. We like to imagine our practice management software has a way with setting the right atmosphere. Our billing modules would never overcook the stuffing. And no family celebration is complete without a couple, young mobile apps livening up the party. This year, though, the IMS family has a new guest for the holidays, and it’s causing all kinds of excitement. 

    This year, we’re welcoming EMO, the Electronic Medical Office. When Meditab introduced EMO during our recent UGM 2020 Virtual Summit, our whole team was filled with nervous excitement. An array of modules all tailored for office and staff management, EMO has features that have never been a part of an EHR before. What would the family think? 

    Sure enough, there was plenty of whispering in the kitchen, everyone giving their own opinions. In the end, though, the consensus is clear. EMO is a perfect fit.

    The Electronic Medical Office is a new suite of modules in IMS that includes:

    • An employee management system that lets you schedule, assign, and track employee logins so that you can properly allocate your staff resources
    • An in-system checklist for staff, where you can organize and assign tasks so that everyone knows what to prioritize for the day
    • A call integration system that connects your practice phones with your EHR, letting you track your patient calls better than ever
    • Document management systems for medical record requests and employee and practice files, ensuring you can properly track all those requests along with their charges. 
    • And more

    With EMO, there’s no need to implement multiple software systems because you can now do everything in IMS. The future of EHRs is getting an upgrade.

    EMO will be available in IMS Build 22, the next update coming to system. It includes other improvements and features throughout the platform, all to help revitalize practices. To preview what EMO looks like and experience the future of IMS, request a free demo.

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    This holiday season, stay safe, cherish the good virtual company, and, of course, have a great Thanksgiving.