Specialty EHRs: Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Anything Else

    How many times have you found yourself wanting more from your EHR software? Many providers often complain that their unintuitive system contributes more to physician burnout instead of making their lives easier.

    Numerous workflows within a practice’s operations are specialty-specific. For example, immunizations for allergists, weight-based medication dosing for pediatrics, or prenatal flowsheets for OB/GYNs. You can never find these kinds of features and functionalities in generic systems, and in the rare cases that you do, they’re almost always inadequate.

    That’s why specialists and specialty practices need a specialty EHR with built-in tools designed specifically for your area of expertise.

    Why a Specialty EHR?

    specialty EMR

    Each practice has distinct needs and requirements that may not apply to others. Depending on your practice’s size, location, patient demographics, and specialty, you could face different challenges that generic EHRs cannot address.

    Specialty EHRs and EMRs, like Meditab’s Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), is built from the ground up with your specialty in mind. On top of its general features, such as EHR, practice management, and medical billing, you can also customize IMS to include specialty-specific templates and features. The result is leaner software with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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    Having a specialty EHR goes beyond productivity; it also streamlines your workflows for better efficiency, improves the user experience to avoid burnout, and saves you time and money from maintaining multiple systems. IMS supports a wide range of specialties so that as many practices as possible can experience the immense benefits specialty EHRs offer.

    Supporting 40+ Specialties and Counting

    IMS’s unique modular design allows you to customize the system exactly how you want it. The specialty features within IMS are designed hand-in-hand with experts from their fields, so you can rest assured that they address your specific needs. IMS is perfect for virtually any specialty, from allergy and fertility to cosmetics, ophthalmology, mental health, and dozens more.


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    IMS supports the following specialties:

    You can see and feel the advantages specialty EHRs bring across all areas of your practice. Whether it’s your clinical workflow, administrative processes, or medical billing, a specialty EHR like IMS transforms your practice for the better.