What Drives Meditab After 20+ Years Serving the Healthcare Industry?

    When looking for an EHR, practices often overlook the importance of choosing an EHR from a reputable company. While finding features that fit your practice is a good start, also consider choosing a company that supports your practice like a trusted partner. In a constantly changing industry further accelerated by the pandemic, having a trusted partner by your side can make all the difference. 

    Meditab’s history is a story of consistent innovation and putting healthcare providers first for more than 20 years. Everything we do is about you and how you can help your patients. That story is just as true to us today as it was back when we first launched our core EHR system, IMS, in 2000

    Healthcare has changed significantly over the years with shifting policies, demands from insurance companies, new technology, and fluctuating consumer trends. Throughout those years, Meditab has continued to grow, create intuitive technology, and develop better ways to deliver healthcare. Our mission statement is our constant motivation in providing the best solutions for your practice. 

    Since its inception, Meditab has expanded its core platform, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), to various solutions that address all aspects of healthcare. From mobile and remote capabilities, telemedicine, and industry-leading office management tools, we have developed solutions in response to industry trends and provider needs. 

    We've pioneered innovative, specialty-specific features, incorporating them into all our systems — AllergyEHR, FertilityEHR, OphthalmologyEHR, CosmetiSuite, and more — all by collaborating with the specialists that use them. Supporting more than 40 specialties, Meditab empowers thousands of clinics and more than 41,000 healthcare professionals. 

    Even before we knew the full economic and financial effects of the pandemic, we released the Electronic Medical Office (EMO), designed to optimize your medical office and improve your business. Still anchored on our mission statement, we introduced EMO to combat the office inefficiencies affecting patient care and revenue. 

    A traditional EHR software supports the day-to-day activities of healthcare, but modern practices need more than that. Your practice needs a modern EHR with years of experience, unparalleled customer support, and a proven track record in today’s challenging industry. Meditab provides an integrated solution in a single platform that allows you to give the best quality of care to your patients while at the same time making sure your business thrives. 

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