IMS Build 33: Reinventing Efficiency With Software Ingenuity

    Posted by Jamicah Chan

    Your practice management software is an indispensable tool that should help your day-to-day work and not hinder it. In this latest build, we take a closer look at your IMS experience and tinkered features to troubleshoot bumps in your task flow.

    How? It’s all in the details. What’s productive is made more efficient with intuitive navigation rules, data previews, and task organization. Plus, with added integrations, you can skip toggling through multiple systems to get the data you need.

    We’re merely scratching the surface with IMS’s newest phase. Let’s dive in and explore how we reinvented efficiency with Build 33.


    What’s New with Build 33? 

    New Modern Look for Easy Navigation and Data Viewing 


    Improved Toolbar & Theme

    A clear and intuitive navigation system impacts user experience. With a well-designed layout, users can quickly find what they’re looking for and get things done faster.

    Following this philosophy, we’ve revamped the toolbar and theme to showcase a more polished Patient Master interface. Upon opening IMS, the menu boasts a fresh color theme alongside easily recognizable icons, providing seamless on-screen navigation.

    Patient Document Preview


    Besides design, the update introduces a new way to preview patient documents.

    Using the preview icon, you can view documents side by side, making it easy to cross-reference patient data. For added customization, column sequences can be changed depending on your preferred view. 

    Changing Chart View Tab


    Customizing previews also extends to charts! Build 33 includes
    changing chart tab views as part of the update package.
    This feature helps you avoid sorting through too much data at once. Customize your chart views, hide tabs you don't need, and even set a default tab so you can concentrate on the most crucial details. 

    It ensures users only see the most essential data for their tasks, making the system more accessible and faster. 


    Assisted Task Management

    Comprehensive Lab Reporting


    You can quickly find and update external lab results on a centralized screen. This not only streamlines your tasks but also minimizes the chances of errors, ensuring accurate updates for each patient. 

    The single, editable interface improves accessibility, making it easy for users to navigate and pinpoint the exact lab results they need without the complexity of multiple screens or documents.

    New Letter TemplatesWe've also made documents editable with the newest iteration of Letter Templates. 

    Here, you can simplify your claims submissions with customizable letter templates that can be easily converted into insurance-specific medical records. 

    This functionality offers a seamless transition from templates to detailed medical records, all accomplished within a simple click.

    Fertility Patient Worklist


    Lastly, you don't have to worry about losing track of tasks. The Fertility Patient Worklist feature keeps you organized and on top of your tasks.

    What's more, your worklist keeps itself updated with the auto-refresh feature. 

    Need to find a particular task? The action filter is your friend. It's perfect for sorting 'lab' or 'schedule' tasks hassle-free, making it easier to organize tasks by priority using parameters you've set in the system.

    Integrations for Smoother, Cost-Efficient Workflows

    Spirometer Integration


    The latest update brings a game-changer HL7 integration. This integration means users can now skip extra expenses and delays linked to servers. 

    With the integration, they can seamlessly send and receive information directly to IMS without needing third-party software, bypassing any server-related complications that typically accompany specialized server configurations.

    This expedites the process and ensures users can access and exchange necessary information without relying on intricate server setups.

    Vaxcare Integration


    The integrated immunization inventory system in IMS offers complete control over vaccine supply, preventing shortages and enabling timely distribution to partner clinics. 

    Vaxcare efficiently manages inventory and auto-ordering when supplies dip to prevent shortages. It also handles expiry dates, redirecting soon-to-expire vaccines to organizations in need, reducing waste, and cutting costs. 

    This process ensures proactive management, optimizing resources and distribution efficiency.

    Updated MIPS 2023

    MIPS 2023 Updates


    Staying aligned with yearly MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) adjustments is crucial for compliance. 

    Our latest updates ensure that your reports are tailored to meet the precise reporting criteria set for 2023. This means your data and submissions follow the specific requirements outlined for this year.


    Get the Full IMS Advantage with Build 33

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