Essential Steps to Take When Hiring Employees for Your FQHC

    Running an FQHC is a lot of work and you will need (many) helping hands to organize tasks smoothly. Since health centers have their own unique challenges, they need people with expertise in many different areas to help run the organization. However, looking for the perfect employee for your FQHC is not that easy, and there will be a lot of things to consider.

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    To help you narrow down your candidate pool and make the selection process easier, here are a few steps you need to take when hiring employees health center. 

    1. Review each applicant’s qualifications. It will be easier for you to review only those who meet your requirements based on your set qualifications. Do not make your pool too large as it will only delay the hiring process.
    2. Conduct reference checks. This is different from a full background investigation. You will be calling the references listed by the applicant to confirm their qualifications. This step can help you determine if the applicant is being honest with their submitted documents. 
    3. Ask open-ended questions during the exam and phone interview. These types of questions will let you assess the applicant’s written and verbal communication skills. Keep your questions job related to determine how they react and view the different situations in the workplace. This is also the best time to check whether the applicant aligns with the company’s mission, vision, and values. 
    4. Conduct a panel interview. It is important to note that you should have more than one candidate for every position to make the panel interview possible. Conducting a face-to-face interview can help you determine how well the applicant can communicate personally. Ask behavioral questions that are related to the job, as this is  the best indicator for future performance. The Situation, Task, Action, Results (STAR) technique is a widely used format in behavioral questioning. 
    5. Make a conditional offer. After screening all applicants, you can extend the conditional offer to those who are qualified for the position. This is the time you conduct a full background check to confirm other information you need before the applicant starts their employment.

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    Hiring employees for your community health center is just one of the few things you need in order to keep everything in place. Integrating your employees with an efficient workflow system will help you utilize their expertise in the most optimal way. With a user-friendly and FQHC-specific practice management and/or EHR system in place, integrating your human resources with your technology will be so much easier. Our FQHC software solution just might be the upgrade you’re looking for. Get a FREE data conversion from your current EHR when you sign up for FQHC before March 31, 2020.

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