Errors Could Put Your Fertility Clinic Out of Business

    Posted by Jane Kirsty Pardo

    Fertility treatments can be one of the most daunting and expensive experiences for aspiring parents who have difficulty building their own family. Among their greatest challenges are the fertility procedures that cost thousands of dollars. Cost aside, couples also have to be prepared for possible unsuccessful treatments which, in some cases, may be the result of a medical error or mistake. 

    In fact, couples who suffered from a legal injury due to the negligence of a fertility clinic have filed a lawsuit. That’s pretty scary. As a fertility specialist, you wouldn’t want that to happen to your clinic. Your integrity and reputation could be on the line, that’s why we’ve gathered some of the most common errors for you to be cautious of so that your practice remains safe and error-free.Fertility IconsCan your fertility clinic avoid these lapses? Are you prepared if they do occur? 

    There’s a lot at stake here for fertility specialists like you that’s why it’s time to evaluate your EHR system. Is it equipped with fertility-specific charting features that minimize human error? If you made a pause right there, well maybe it’s time to make the switch. 

    Tired of your outdated EHR system?

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    FertilityEHR is the cutting-edge solution that meets the unique workflow of Assisted Reproductive Technology clinics, packed in a single, all-in-one system. 

    FertilityEHR on all devices

    Developed by fertility experts, FertilityEHR comes with efficient sample collection, tracking, and cycle management modules that map every sample collected in the clinic against their rightful owners, aiding clinics in constant correct identification. It provides tracking IDs for the semen samples and color coding for the cryopreservation. 

    Why switch to FertilityEHR?


    FQHC Icons-01Highly Customizable Templates

    Reduce manual typing and document patient visit notes faster! Customize your personal fertility templates to fit your unique workflow.


    Fertility Icon 1 (1)Powerful, Integrated Fertility Tools

    Maximize your efficiency and revenue with built-in STIM/Cycle/ART dashboards, automated chain of custody, and package management billing.


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    A Partner You Can Trust

    For over 20 years we have continued to listen to our clients to provide quarterly software updates, 24/7 support, implementation, and training.


    Switch to a system that’s designed for your unique clinical process. If you switch to FertilityEHR before March 31, 2020, you get free data conversion so you won’t have to worry about the compatibility of your data from your previous EHR.

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