IMS Televisit Is Making Major Improvements For Patient Convenience

Posted by Meditab Software, Inc. on Jun 11, 2020 8:59:22 AM

With the latest update to IMS Televisit, it has never been easier for practices to reach patients for care, no matter where they are. A secure telehealth platform, fully integrated with IMS, Televisit now allows patients to join video calls from their browser with a simple link, no extra log-ins or accounts required. 

Meditab’s patient platforms, such as Patient App on mobile and CarePortal on PC, still offer the best way for patients to engage with their healthcare. But we also believe that fewer steps between you and your patients the better. Now, whether they have created accounts through Patient App and CarePortal or not, patients can effortlessly jump into a telehealth call when they need it. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Patients make their appointment just as they would normally, either through an online booking system or by calling your practice. When they do, they will either check the box or ask for Televisit. 
  2. Before their appointment times, all your practice has to do is send patients a dedicated link for each of their visits, a feature easily accessible and supported through your IMS Scheduler. 
  3. Your patients then simply click on the link to open the call system in their preferred browser. Before connecting, they are prompted to confirm their identities using their names, dates of birth, and ZIP codes. Then finally, they join the video call when you are ready.

If a patient already has Patient App installed, they can also simply use a code provided with the link in order to join the call. 

Technology is meant to make things easier, and that applies to healthcare as well. Televisit calls can still start up to 60 minutes after the meeting’s original end time, we’ve added Televisit ID and Televisit links to our letter templates, and you can even send emails and text messages from listed Televisit appointments in IMSGo. 

Don’t let distance stand in the way of helping your patients. For a full list of all of the changes, please see our latest Televisit Release Notes.

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