Point, Click, Call: How Call Integration Improves Your Practice

    Missed phone calls. Forgotten voicemails. Angry patients. Too few staff members handling too many phone calls is an all-too-common scene in most medical offices. It’s a headache clinical staff and healthcare workers live with daily. But what starts as simple inefficiency then turns into lost patients. 

    When we call a business, each one of us expects someone to answer. So why is phone management so often overlooked? Unfortunately, it’s one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks your staff takes on. Finding ways to streamline and automate the process is crucial.

    Call Integration Is the Next Step

    Phone call management requires time, plus resources. Changing that equation with technology makes a world of difference and removes the obstacles limiting your staff’s productivity and performance. 

    Call integration is an alternative term for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). It refers to the technology that merges your phone system with your computer software to allow for a faster, more efficient call handling. 

    Instead of having to dial phone numbers through a telephone physically, imagine how much easier it would be to click a number and make a call directly from your software? What about receiving a call, and the patient file of the caller appearing automatically on your screen. Whether it’s inbound or outbound calls, call integration makes the process more convenient and less cumbersome.

    Embrace the Future with Your Practice

    Call Integration, and features like Click2Call, have already made waves in other industries. The impact it can have for medical practices, however, is immense:


    Most of the time, calling patients isn’t just as simple as dialing a phone number. You have to pull up the patient’s information first and go through multiple screens before you can make the call. With call integration, though, it couldn’t be more simple. New technology saves you time and makes call management more convenient for your staff.


    Since call integration takes the hassle out of handling large call volumes, your staff will have more time and energy to complete other essential tasks. In essence, call integration lets you work smarter and do more.

    Increased Patient Satisfaction

    We’ve all experienced the frustration of waiting for a callback. Imagine how it must feel for patients who need to know critical information about their health right away. Like so much of the latest technology that helps put your patients first, a solution that enables you to inform them about essential, urgent matters can help boost patient satisfaction.

    Bringing Call Integration to IMS

    Meditab understands the value that technology like call integration brings to practices like yours. That’s why we’ve teamed up with MG Hosting to incorporate call integration technology into IMS. 

    While the new feature is still in the works, we’re excited to bring it to practices soon. We’ll be sure to give you a ring when it’s ready. Stay tuned!