Appointment Booking Made Easy with Website4MD

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    Appointment booking may seem like a simple process, but the reality is that it is one of the most challenging activities in healthcare. The waves of patient visits routinely affect the front desk's workload, so they end up spending more time on taking calls than on doing a more important task. On the patient's end, this may also result in long wait times, cancellations, no-shows, and generally poor outcomes.

    By developing a flexible and accessible scheduling solution, our new IMS version now works with the appointment booking system developed by Website4MD, which is designed to meet the scheduling needs of each patient on an accessible platform.

    Website4MD is a healthcare-specific web development agency that builds websites with integrated EHR solutions for healthcare providers of any specialty. With Website4MD's Appointment Booking System, patients can easily book their appointments directly on your website with just a few taps or clicks.

    You can now guarantee healthcare convenience to your patients, giving them more freedom in scheduling their visits wherever they need to. Aside from helping you reduce no-shows and make more billable appointments, this system also gives leeway to your staff in prioritizing urgent matters and focusing more on your business.

    If you're worried about your control on appointment booking parameters, Website4MD gives you the freedom to filter the schedules you want to show online, choose to directly block the slot in the scheduler, or set a screening process before confirming the appointment.

    Integrating Website4MD's Appointment Booking System with IMS is like hitting two birds with one stone - you get to have a premium website while providing a convenient scheduling process. You make more appointments, see more patients, and generate much more revenue. To upgrade to the latest IMS version, contact your account manager at

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