World Health Day

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    The World Health Day is held annually every 7th of April to mark the World Health Organization’s (WHO) founding anniversary. Since taking effect in 1950, the celebration has continuously established specific themes to highlight major global health issues each year.

    Over the past 50 years, the celebration is marked by international, regional, and local activities which extend to a long-term campaign and serves as an opportunity to draw worldwide attention on important aspects of global health.

    Health for all” is the World Health Organization’s focus for this year’s World Health Day celebration. Though accessibility to healthcare is a fundamental need of the society, it is unimaginable that a certain part of our population is unable to access health care effectively. People living in remote or rural areas, people with reduced mobility, and the geriatric population are suffering the most due to inaccessibility of care.

    WHO believes that health is a fundamental human right. As indicated by the latest trends, technology, specifically telehealth, plays a huge role in making this vision into a reality by filling the gap between health care and disadvantaged patients.

    Telehealth was first introduced in 1960, and it has come a long way ever since. Telehealth services are shifting the paradigm of healthcare delivery by bringing providers and patients closer together, even when they are miles apart. Telehealth services also address some of the critical challenges affecting the healthcare industry, such as poor access to care, rising costs, and limited distribution of providers.

    According to research, 83% of providers believe that offering telehealth services strongly expand an organization’s coverage and reach, and 98% of the respondents said that investing in telemedicine technology will provide them with a competitive advantage. 

    The Delloite 2018 survey of US physicians states that as the industry moves towards a more patient-centered solution, a well-designed televisit service will increase patient satisfaction by 52%.

    This World Health Day let us take one step ahead to leverage the power of telemedicine fully and provide healthcare to all. In a world bridged by video calls, live streams, and online meetings, seeing your patients through the internet might just be the next big step for healthcare. And that’s what Televisit was built for. Meditab’s Televisit allows you to interact, care and monitor your patients remotely via video conferencing, helping you overcome distances and provide care anywhere.

    Televisit can be a blessing for clinics and individual practices

    • More Reimbursable Appointments
    • More Revenue, Less Operating Cost
    • Better Healthcare Delivery
    • Reduced No-Shows & Cancellations
    • Enhance Patient Engagement & Satisfaction
    • Improved Practice Efficiency


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