5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Patient Engagement Rate

    Posted by Jhilum Basu


    Why is patient engagement important?

    Patient engagement is currently the industry buzzword and is a rapidly evolving trend. Patient-provider relationship is the cornerstone of any successful healthcare organization, and the current transition towards value-based care has led healthcare players to adopt patient engagement strategies more than ever before. Patient engagement has become the key to better retain and engage patients, and attract new ones.

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    Though patient engagement is a challenging aspect of health care, emerging technologies are here to make it easier to achieve and maintain.

    Here are some tips that your practice can implement to improve patient engagement.

    1. Empower patients to consult you from outside your office

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    Becoming more patient-centered is the trend that the entire healthcare industry is focusing on. Telehealth services are shifting the paradigm of healthcare delivery by bringing providers and patients closer together, even when they are miles apart. Imagine if you can expand the scope of care by seeing more patients through mobile and remote means.

    A study by Software Advice shows that patients’ interest in telemedicine services is high, with 77% saying that they would be more likely to select medical providers that offer it over ones that do not. This trend is shaping up to be the future of clinic visits and, ultimately, patient engagement.

    Future-proof your practice with IMS Televisit and gain:

    • More Revenue, Less Operating Cost
    • Better Healthcare Delivery
    • Improved Practice Efficiency
    • Enhance Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

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    2. Implement self-check-in services.

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    New innovations in healthcare technology include automated check-in systems that can serve as your clinic’s dedicated receptionist. A study by Software Advice says that 26% of patients change their doctors due to their frustrating experience during check-in. Introducing an easy-to-use, self-check-in application can significantly reduce wait times and in turn, increase patient satisfaction. Meditab’s IMS OnArrival app is a user-friendly Android application that allows your patients to check-in, fill out and sign forms, view payment details and much more!

    With IMS OnArrival, you can:

    • Reduce Administrative Cost 
    • Accelerate the Check-in Process
    • Get Paid Instantly
    • Free Up Your Staff
    • Increase Patient Satisfaction

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    3. Increase transparency by involving patients in their own health care

    The challenge of engaging patients has become even more profound due to today’s patients being more invested in managing their healthcare.

    An article by Medical Economics shows that 79% of consumers are more likely to select a provider who allows them to conduct healthcare interactions online on a mobile device. To survive in the competitive healthcare business environment, and to provide better patient experience and quality of care, clinics need to empower patients to access their medical records easily and securely. 

    Patient portals are online platforms where patients can access their medical information from the comfort of their home. 

    By providing your patients with access to patient portals or a more on-the-go version like patient apps, you let your patients view and request appointments, view prescriptions and request refills and enjoy more intuitive features anytime, anywhere (as long as they have internet connection). IMS CarePortal and IMS Patient App are designed to give your patients healthcare access on the palm of their hands and engage them in their journey to better health. One immediate benefit of these apps is the reduction of office wait times by freeing up resources and streamlining communication.

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    4. Make the appointment booking process easier.

    We now live in a digitally-driven world. So, your practice should be prepared to handle digitally based demand. Consumers nowadays shop online, order food online, and even find dates online, so it is no surprise that they would like to book an appointment with a clinic online, given the opportunity. 

    A study by Accenture shows that 77% of patients want to be able to book, change, or cancel appointments online. If your practice is not offering services to meet patient’s demands or expectations, you might end up losing your patients to the competition. 

    To equip your practice with a flexible and accessible scheduling solution, our new IMS version now works with the Appointment Booking System (ABS), which is a feature designed to meet the scheduling needs of each patient on an accessible platform. Aside from helping you reduce no-shows and make more billable appointments, this system also gives leeway to your staff in prioritizing urgent matters and focusing more on your business.

    ABS is:

    • Adaptable to your practice
    • Available around the clock
    • Convenient for patients
    • Able to free up your front desk staff

    Our Appointment Booking System not only gives your patients a convenient scheduling process, it offers so much MORE!

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    5. Keep in touch with your patients and show them that you care.

    Are you frustrated with no-shows? From lost time to lost revenue, missed appointments are a burden that healthcare professionals have to deal with.

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    Though eliminating no-shows is technically impossible, you can definitely reduce patient no-shows by simply leveraging the power of communication. An Accenture survey states that 74% of patients want to receive email and text appointment and treatment reminders. With IMS InTouch, your practice can communicate with patients through several IMS modules. You can send appointment reminders, allergy shot reminders, notes, statements, and documents to patients via email or text without compromising the security of health records. 

    Keeping in touch with your patients only strengthens patient-provider relationship which, in turn, will help increase the likelihood that patients will stay with your practice for their healthcare needs, helping you do more revenue-generating activities. 

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    Research shows that patients who are informed about their health conditions and are involved in their treatment process tend to have better health outcomes. With the right patient engagement tools, any clinic can create a seamless connection between patients and their doctors, helping patients develop a more proactive approach to their healthcare. This will, in turn, Improve your business outcomes while keeping patients at the heart of the medical practice. Give your patient engagement strategy a whole new dimension with Meditab’s patient engagement products and services.

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