Staying Green: EMRs & the Environment

Keeping your office eco-friendly through EMR integration

Green officeThe amount of paper used in the healthcare industry is nothing short of astonishing. At roughly two billion pounds per year, paper and cardboard products make up approximately 36% of the municipal solid waste stream (according to the Healthcare Environment Resource Center). Imagine how much of this comes from paper charting methods used in hospitals, clinics, and multi- or single-physician practices.

Thanks to several EMR software companies, the magnitude of waste produced from healthcare sites is likely to drop significantly over the coming years. A staggering 67% of healthcare providers in the US are now using electronic medical records systems, according to DrugDev. As this number increases, the amount of energy used to produce paper will drop-off.

Keeping the environment healthy as we keep patients healthy

The primary concern in healthcare certainly lies around its customers – the patients. However, we can offer healthy remedies and alternatives to more than just the patients. In fact, by helping the environment through the implementation and use of EMRs, we are reducing the amount of pollution – ultimately reducing the amount of illnesses directly associated with pollution. What does this mean? In theory, a healthy practice can lead to a healthy environment, which may ultimately lead to a reduction of pollution-related illnesses.

Making it Rain – Cloud-based Healthcare to Reach $10 Billion

Cloud-based EMR software expected to reach ten billion dollars

Experts in the healthcare industry estimate that cloud computing throughout healthcare will reach nearly $10 billion. MarketsandMarkets predicts that the industry will be seeing an increase from $3.73 billion this year to a jaw-dropping $9.48 billion by the year 2020.

Understanding what this means for healthcare professionals

As a healthcare professional, you may be noticing the changing environments and the increased discussion around information technology in the healthcare industry. As EMR software companies struggle to keep up with MU requirements, maintain compliance with strict HIPPA regulations, and offer solutions at affordable costs (some, not all), professionals using various electronic healthcare recording software available have an increased sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Keeping it simple through all the complexity

Frequently noted across blogs, articles, and journals, the increasing number of EHR software companies are competing neck-to-neck in order to grow their customer base and stay ahead of the competition. Although very few companies truly offer all-in-one solutions for practices, clinics, and hospitals, there is one company that does.

With well over 20 different platforms developed for specialties throughout the entire medical field, companies like Meditab, FertilityEHR, CosmetiSuite, and AllergyEHR are all-encompassing.

These companies offer features not limited to scheduling, billing, claims submissions, secure messaging, patient portals, tools for practice analysis, referral management, electronic prescription ordering, lab test ordering and viewing, secure document transmission and viewing, and much more.

How to find an EMR that’s a perfect fit for you

Most companies offer demos so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity before making a long-term commitment. Through proper research and testing, any of these companies above may prove to be exactly what your practice needs.