EMR Poll – What task do you find most time-consuming when using your EMR?

When using your EMR, which task do you find to be most time-consuming?

EMR Software | The Emergence of Fully-functional EMRs

EMR Software Meeting the Demands of Practices through Feature-integration

Prolonged and much-needed, specialty practices have finally found fully-functional electronic medical record software preventing physicians and office administrators from running from the fax to the computer to paper charts. After an industry-wide yearning for the development of a feature-rich EMR software solution, companies like Meditab have worked alongside clinicians and physicians to develop software that encompasses all of the features practices need, while meeting HIPPA requirements and enhancing the quality of care administered.

Why has this EMR software remained under the radar?

Although it’s an emerging medium in medical recording software, the existence of patient-side apps have found their place in the market. Few EMR software companies are able to match the fully-integrated solutions offered by companies like Meditab, FertilityEHRAllergyEHR, and CosmetiSuite. The solutions offered range from physician- and patient-side mobile apps to desktop solutions offered in the cloud as well as server-side integrations depending on the needs of each practice.


Patient app for EMR

Patients are now able to maintain an active engagement in their own healthcare through the various solutions offered on patient-side apps directly integrated with EHR & EMR software solutions. These apps are accessible through mobile platforms not limited to tablets, cell phones, fablets, and more. Some of the capabilities which are incredibly helpful for patients and physicians on the patient app include:


Scheduling/Appointment Requests

Viewing (past and future appointments)

Confirmation capabilities


Document viewing

Document signing


Prescription viewing

Refill request submission


Make payments towards outstanding bills

View previous bills/statements


Receive secure messages from providers/physicians

Send secure message to providers/physicians


Check in for appointments seamlessly through the barcode individualized for each patient

All of these features are controlled by the practice offering the patient-side app and can be fully customized in the event that particular documents, visitation notes, etc. should be excluded from patient viewing/patient accessibility.