Let’s look forward to a bright future in healthcare!

It’s no secret that these past few years have been tough on the healthcare industry. As technology and healthcare continues to evolve, providers continue their search for assistance in staying on top of the ongoing changes. The past two years were easier to embrace for some more than others. Those physicians who have implemented electronic medical software at an early stage have served as pioneers and are possibly the the least affected, compared to those doctors who have been slow to move away from paper and manual labor, by the implemented government regulations.

As we slowly migrate into an integrated electronic healthcare system and as the regulating bodies become stricter, physicians will only find peace of mind by the steps taken today in moving forward with choosing the ideal EMR/EHR for their practice. It may seem like a dark path ahead, but a bright future is promised!

Already positive news is striking the industry with conversion rates doubling from 2008 to 2011. With this increase in conversions and assistance of the “pioneers”, referring to those who implemented an EMR/EHR prior to 2011, physicians as well as regulating bodies will have less challenges with attesting Stage 2 of Meaningful Use than that of Stage 1 of attestation.

According to InformationWeek, many hospitals that have already attested to Stage 1 found that none of their patients had requested electronic copies of their discharge instructions at the time of discharge. However, providing such electronic copies to 50% of patients who request the discharge instructions is among the core measures for Stage 1 compliance.

With ANSI 5010 conversion just around the corner, Meditab offers peace of mind for their clients allowing them to continue to Practice On with minimum to no challenges. We, at Meditab take pride in being pioneers in the industry, always staying abreast of industry changes and innovations. With that said, Meditab has implemented the most significant changes (ANSI 5010 and ICD-10) almost half a year in advance.

With the continuous increase in conversion and attestation rates, regulating bodies will become more knowledgeable about what is important for physicians and the industry as a whole, only then will the natural flow of progression will resume!

Source: http://www.informationweek.com/news/healthcare/policy/231901414

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