Patient Portal: A win-win for both patients and your bottom line

Patient Portal has helped a lot of physicians and their patients in more ways than one. From requesting clinic appointments to paying medical bills, patient portals have served as an extension for physicians to provide quality care to their patients and have been a go-to tool for patients to quickly and effectively manage their own care plan.

California HealthCare Foundation cited that a recent survey found people pay more attention and become more engaged in their health and medical care when they have easy access to their health information online. On the other hand, physicians’ access to both secure email messaging and patient records ensured that they can respond well to the inquiries patients send through the portal. That’s why there’s a remarkable increase in the adoption rate of patient portals which is evident in the 37.5% increase of patient portal access in just 2 years (2014-2016 study report) according to the survey conducted by Software Advice. Patient portals empower patients, boosts practice’s reputation and gives confidence to providers.


HUGE Benefits – See what’s in it for you…and your patients!
The benefits of using patient portals further become visible as practices continue to grow. With a patient portal, practices can continue to relay the specific information to patients—without requiring more admin staff. They can also use the portal as a means to disseminate recent health news, educational resources, and other relevant information to patients. These increasing capabilities put the patients in a position to find more value in their health care.

Meditab, being one of the leading EHR vendors in the industry, offers physicians a patient portal that will allow them to continue enhancing their patient-provider communications and deliver the highest quality of care possible through its patient portal, IMS CarePortal.

CarePortal puts patients in the driver’s seat on their journey to better health. It allows them to take charge of their health and stay engaged in their care plan. Its integration into the EHR, gives patients and physicians a secure and easy way to access features, like Educational Information, Rx, Labs, Diagnosis, Appointment Requests, Confidential Messaging, Bill Pay, and much more.

Benefits of Patient Portal to Physicians:

● Qualify for federal incentive programs
● Greater administrative efficiencies
● Improved responsiveness to patients’ needs
● Meet regulatory requirements
● Improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiency

Benefits of Patient Portal to Patients:

● 24-hour access to personal health information
● Request prescription refills
● Download and complete online forms
● Offers direct and private communication with the physician
● View lab or diagnostic tests and results

These benefits show how patient care and consumer engagement have been fused together to ensure that both patients and physicians can make the most out of today’s healthcare delivery. And to further meet the healthcare needs, Meditab has also introduced its patient portal’s app version— IMS Patient App.

Optimized for mobile devices, IMS Patient App allows patients to view health information, send messages, pay bills, schedule or view appointments, request prescription refills and much more. Thus empowering your patients to take charge of their health.

Technological advancements in healthcare have paved the way for physicians to efficiently provide patients the care they deserve, without compromising quality. Utilizing patient portals, like IMS CarePortal is a great way to sustain patient engagement while delivering world-class health care and lowering cost at the same time.

Staying Green: EMRs & the Environment

Keeping your office eco-friendly through EMR integration

Green officeThe amount of paper used in the healthcare industry is nothing short of astonishing. At roughly two billion pounds per year, paper and cardboard products make up approximately 36% of the municipal solid waste stream (according to the Healthcare Environment Resource Center). Imagine how much of this comes from paper charting methods used in hospitals, clinics, and multi- or single-physician practices.

Thanks to several EMR software companies, the magnitude of waste produced from healthcare sites is likely to drop significantly over the coming years. A staggering 67% of healthcare providers in the US are now using electronic medical records systems, according to DrugDev. As this number increases, the amount of energy used to produce paper will drop-off.

Keeping the environment healthy as we keep patients healthy

The primary concern in healthcare certainly lies around its customers – the patients. However, we can offer healthy remedies and alternatives to more than just the patients. In fact, by helping the environment through the implementation and use of EMRs, we are reducing the amount of pollution – ultimately reducing the amount of illnesses directly associated with pollution. What does this mean? In theory, a healthy practice can lead to a healthy environment, which may ultimately lead to a reduction of pollution-related illnesses.