Meditab Fresno Office Featured in The Business Journal

We’re happy to share that our Fresno office and the recent Open House event they held for clients was featured in The Business Journal.

The article discusses the launch of the latest version of IMS, the Fresno Open House and includes comments from Dr. Tushar Patel on how satisfied he is with Meditab’s IMS.

The Business Journal serves the business community in Fresno and central San Joaquin Valley, reaching approximately 8,000 readers and covering new trends, international trade, technology, retail and media, as well as other issues related to business.


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IMS Helps Practices of All Types

If you’re looking for information on the experiences that our clients have had using IMS, be sure to visit our Client Stories page.  We have been fortunate enough to work with a variety of practices and they each have a unique story of success.

For example, there’s the profile of Colorado River Pediatrics, a busy practice that had been using a system going through a rebranding.  Running the office on separate EHR and practice management systems that didn’t communicate with one another, they knew it was time for a change. In IMS they found the fully integrated, certified system for which they had been looking.

Dr. Barton has been able to customize the well-child checks for each age and said, “I like that it helps me stay focused and thorough and really saves me a lot of time in the exam room.”

Then there is the story of Allergy & Asthma Associates of Laredo.  After 10 years of wanting to go electronic, this specialized practice finally made the jump and went green with IMS.  Dr. Jane Unzeitig was able to achieve her goal of providing an even higher level of care, while also going green.

Additionally, the customization options help Dr. Unzeitig give her own voice to all communications coming out of her office. “With the options in AllergyEHR, as well as the Dragon speech recognition system I use, I can create sentences to sound the way that I talk. This is an important feature to me because as a practice that frequently consults and refers to other physicians, we’re always sending out letters and I like that they don’t have to sound generic.”

We’ve even had the privilege of working with a solo psychiatric practitioner.  Dr. Aarti Kapur wanted to start her own psychiatric practice on the right foot – with a robust, customizable EHR system that could support her specific needs.  She selected Meditab IMS and hasn’t looked back since.

You can read more on these practices and others at

Optimizing Digital Patient Check-Ins

With healthcare technology becoming more and more popular, many physicians are looking for ways to utilize it in ways that will help them connect with patients and also make the patients’ experience more pleasant and seamless.

Smart devices, like the iPad, allow easier sharing of information between doctors and patients, optimization of care, and streamlined workflows.

Below are some easy ways to improve patient care and engagement:

  1. Reception area- patients can become very stressed waiting to be seen by their doctor, especially if the check-in process is disorganized. Having patients use iPads equipped with apps for checking in, filling out paperwork, and even loaded with medical-related articles for entertainment as they wait will make their experience a pleasant one.
  2. Treatment/consultation room- providing patients with images of their x-rays or scans and interactive demos will help them get a better understanding of their condition and treatment.
  3. Practice administration- presenting practice updates and patient information to your team in an interactive way allows them to be more involved. Using a cloud system allows them to access documents, make notes, share their opinions, progress, etc.
  4. Appointment management- providing patients with apps that allow them to make, confirm, cancel, and check on appointments makes their time commitment quicker and therefore more convenient.
  5. Access on the go- mobile apps allow physicians to view appointment and patient information remotely from virtually any location, which optimizes patient care.

For more information on how to optimize patient care with healthcare technology from Meditab, visit

Patient Engagement Crucial for Healthcare IT Success

The success and expansion of healthcare IT is dependent on patient engagement. However the question many providers have is how to assure that patients are comfortable using the technology and will implement it as part of their daily lives. Stage 2 meaningful use mandates that 5% of patients view, download, and transmit their own health data via EHRs, but apart from that, providers are still responsible for getting patients to get involved organically.

The upcoming Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum in Washington will provide a platform for experts in the industry to discuss ways in which to communicate better with patients on the benefits of healthcare IT, so they are more receptive to it. Physicians and patients must work in tandem for effective engagement to work.

The current state of patient engagement is still in the early phases. Physicians are concerned with presenting healthcare IT in an appealing way so patients acknowledge it, understand its benefits, and are enrolled in the system.

Some studies have found that the patients with the best reaction to healthcare IT are the ones that are an active part of the team, who are interested in learning about it, not just bystanders. The patients that feel heard when they express their concerns, goals, and expectations have the most positive outlook on the success of healthcare IT.

Patients are no longer bystanders, they are being proactive about their healthcare and the intersection of new models of care, with an emphasis on keeping people healthy, and population health strategies, are really adding a dimension of urgency to patient engagement efforts.

For more information on patient engagement, click the following link for the full article published by Healthcare IT News-

16 Years, 16 Reasons to Choose Meditab as Your EHR Vendor

1. 16-year industry vet and expert solution provider – we’re established, financially secure and are in it for the long haul.

2. Certified for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, we’re committed to helping our clients meet all their MU goals.

3. We’re corporately sound, but small enough to offer personalized attention and service.

4. 100% built-in software, designed, developed and delivered by us for you.

5. We offer truly customized solutions that can meet all of your specialty practice needs.

6. We strive to complement the way you work – we’ll develop a plan with you and work at your pace.

7. Our clients are our top priority and with Meditab, you are not just a client, you are part of our family.

8. 380,000 and counting satisfied users make up our “Meditabian” community.

9. Our cloud, on-premise, and Micro Cloud options offer flexibility to choose what works best for you.

10. No third-party plug-ins required here – we offer truly integrated, seamless, single database solutions for practice management, EHR, portal, reporting, labs, and e-prescribing.

11. Our existing customers like us because we take good care of them – we have a 99.8% retention rate.

12. Solutions like IMS LinkTM allow for unparalleled healthcare collaboration between providers, hospitals, labs and even research programs.

13. Access patient records from any mobile device with IMS GoTM for continuous care even out of the office.

14. We believe in the power of analytics and our products provide simple tools for reporting the measurements your practice needs to run efficiently and effectively.

15. Founded by practicing pharmacists and physicians, we get what it is you do and the solutions you need.

16. Our ears are always open to new ideas, requests, kudos or complaints. We take pride in being accessible to our customers.

Ten Apps to Engage Patients and Beat Waiting Room Boredom

Waiting rooms can make even the most easy-going patient go running to the front desk to ask how much longer it will take for them to be seen. Luckily, there are apps to keep patients entertained and your waiting room a stress-free area.

Below are some of the top apps to help alleviate waiting room frustration.

  1. Info on a Slate - A 10-inch LCD touchscreen that features health information along with targeted advertising.
  2. MyCareText - A secure HIPPA compliant system that notifies authorized friends and family members about a patient’s condition and alerts specific individuals if a doctor needs to speak to them.
  3. ZocDoc - Allows patients to register for a single doctor, or many, pre-fill medical forms, and make appointments online.
  4. Emma - iPad app that helps test and engage kids while they wait to see the doctor. The app helps them share their symptoms with physicians and learn more about their own health.
  5. InQuicker - This app lets patients know when their doctor is running late before they get to their appointment.
  6. MedWaitTime - Allows patients to make appointments and check on the status of their appointment prior to arriving at the doctor’s office.

Check out our own IMSGo , our mobile EHR application, and all of its useful features including easy access for patients anywhere, any time.

IMS Certified for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use

We are pleased to announce that after participating in a rigorous testing process, IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) has been certified for Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

The three key requirements of Stage 2 are:

• Longer reporting periods with more data collection
• Patient engagement in their own healthcare
• The creation of health information exchanges (HIEs)

Through a partnership with Surescripts, IMS users will be a part of the National Health information Network that will help contribute to reducing the cost, and improving the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare across the country.

The IMS EHR system combines a patient portal, clinical charting, e-prescribing, population management, decision support, practice analytics, document imaging and much more, on one robust database platform.

For more information on how Meditab Software helps its clients with meeting Meaningful Use requirements, visit

CEO Mike Patel Interviewed on Entrepreneur Podcast Network

We’re happy to share the link below to our very own CEO Mike Patel being interviewed on Entrepreneur Podcast Network. In the interview, Mike tells listeners about how Meditab started, successes along the way and how the company has had to adapt to recent industry changes. He also shares some specifics about IMS and its benefits with the listeners.

Entrepreneur Podcast Network is an on-demand streaming channel that currently reaches 104 countries worldwide each month with interviews by some of the most renowned success stories in business today. Enjoy!

New IMS Features for Allergy Specialists

Meditab is eager to unveil two of the newest IMS features of interest to allergy specialists – the ‘vial group master’ feature and the ‘contra-antigens’ feature. The ‘vial group master’ feature allows providers to create vaccine prescriptions with just a few simple clicks. The new ‘contra-antigens’ feature ensures that providers will never mistakenly mix incompatible antigens, a potentially life-saving tool.

The new features will be highlighted at booth #220 at the annual AAAAI meeting happening this week in San Diego, CA from February 28-March 4. Representatives from Meditab Software will be on-hand to share new features, answer questions and provide demonstrations of the AllergyEHR product with attendees.

AllergyEHR, one of the top five EHR systems for allergists, is a specialty-specific solution developed by clinicians for clinicians, and includes shot schedule templates; vial management; template-based skin tests; shot tracking, reaction and checking treatment; late shot follow-up; the ability to generate recipes from skin test results and automated immunotherapy billing. Clients also have the option to utilize IMSGo, Meditab’s mobile application that allows providers to see patient information such as demographics, documents, labs, prescriptions and appointments on the go.

Important Considerations When Purchasing an EHR and How IMS Fits the Bill

As of this year, almost 85% of US physicians are using some type of EHR system to improve outcomes and streamline practices.  With organizations continuing to make the transition from paper to electronic, as well as the trend for switching EHRs overlapping into 2014, it’s important to keep a number of factors in mind when selecting a system. Here are some highlights from a MedCity News article and the ways in which IMS from Meditab satisfies these requirements:

Cloud Hosting: Meditab offers a Cloud/SaaS-based system, in addition to the traditional on-premise system.  The Cloud-based model is a combination of the traditional client-server system deployed with the “client” software installed on each user’s computer, but the “server” software is hosted at the software vendor’s secure data center.  Advantages include an all-inclusive monthly fee and easy access from anywhere.

Customizable: The IMS development platform leverages award-winning technologies that allow the system to embrace the office’s existing workflow while allowing for the adoption of new processes as desired.  The flexible charting styles, specialty templates and content make it easy for each physician to personalize.

Integrated: IMS is fully integrated with a single database for both EHR and practice management.  It combines clinical charting, e-prescribing, population management, decision support, practice analytics, document imaging and much more, on a single database platform.

Compliance: The system is dually certified for Meaningful Use, as well as being ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant.

Certified: IMS from Meditab is CCHIT Certified 2011 for Five Star Usability.  IMS v.14, earned “Complete” 2011/2012 ONC-ATCB certification on September 30, 2010. Meditab was among the first to receive certification from the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT 2011®), assuring eligible providers that the product has satisfied all requirements in accordance with the certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.