Specialty Specific: IMS Pediatrics®

Too often, we come across physicians who are using an EMR that is generalized, without modules to suit the needs of their specialty. Practices are forced to keep part of their workflow on paper, because there simply is no way to make it all fit.
For this reason, IMS has always been configured per specialty. Over the years, IMS has evolved to include specialty-specific functionality like no other system. We have created this series to give providers some tips on what to look for when choosing an EMR for their specialty.

IMS Pediatrics® has been designed to focus on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for all children. IMS helps pediatricians give youths the opportunity to achieve and maintain optimum health potential as adults through modules for immunization management, vaccination information, and growth charts. IMS Pediatrics® helps streamline the flow of regular check-up appointments, allowing the physician to create custom templates for preventive medicine and follow best healthcare practices.

IMS Pediatrics® Modules:
Feature Rich Visit Note complete with:
Symptom and Condition Based Templates
Child Psychology
Newborn Complaints, Birth injuries
Neonate Examination
2 month to 10 Years Examination
Well Child Exams
Specific Features:
Vaccination Information Sheets (VIS)
Growth Charts

Dosing Calculator for Recommendations

Immunization Management & Tracking*

* If connection is remitted and established in your state.

At a Glance Guide to EMR

Now that Stage 2 Meaningful Use has been pushed back to 2014, both paper practices and basic EMR practices have more time to get themselves prepared.

The main things to consider when searching for an EMR are features, training, and cost.

First we’ll talk features. Comparing our most widely known and used products, get a feeling for what a truly powerful system can offer.

Electronic Medical Records and Treatment: IMS Clinical®
Featuring a patient chart that mimics the common file folder, IMS Clinical® is an intuitive and easy to use program with modules for treatment plans, a comprehensive SOAP note, ERx, labs, image annotation and much more. IMS Clinical® includes IMS Link®, an advanced interoperability coding that allows IMS to interface with all HIPAA compliant systems and devices, such as EKG and Spirometers.

Practice Management and Billing: IMS Manager®
Featuring a scheduler that mimics the common Windows Outlook, IMS Manager® provides quick and complete task completion for front office staff with modules for scheduling appointments, authorization tracking, revenue cycle management, reports, dashboards, alerts & reminders among others. IMS Manager® includes IMS Hylafax® an in-built electronic faxing manager that helps practices reduce 80% of their incoming and outgoing paper flow.

Next up, we’ll discuss training and implementation by describing how it is solved at Meditab.

“Train the Trainer Approach”
This training method allows the practice to select their most technologically savvy staff member to become an “IMS Super User”. The super user works closely with the implementation specialist to learn the ins and outs of the system, while the rest of the staff work on more general usage that relates to their roles. This approach allows the practice to gain the most efficient and long lasting training by reducing the stress on other team members and making it a group effort.

And finally… “What’s it going to cost?”

Meditab IMS is one of the most affordable systems that offers 24/6 live support, continuous product updates, and in-built functionality for over 34 specialties. When comparing apples-to-apples, no one beats Meditab IMS on price.

The system model (cloud based or client-server) will be the biggest determining factor for the first year and implementation cost. However, the internet based AKA “cloud-based” model is the least expensive initially, while owning the database server AKA “client-server” requires a greater expense at first, yet offers more significant savings later.

The EMR selection process is so detailed that there can be entire encyclopedias written on EMR selection. However we have consolidated our long list of items to consider before going EMR to the Top 5.